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Remember the Ten
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Rosary School/St. Francis Of Assisi OKC
On behalf of the students, faculty, staff of Rosary School and the Parish community of St. Francis of Assisi Parish, Fr. Thomas Dowdell, Pastor, Dr. Harold Hayes, Administrator, we wish to extend to the families of those who were lost in this very sudden and tragic accident and to the OSU community our prayers. It is not the situation, but the way we respond to the situation that's important. May Gods grace be with all of the family members and to the OSU family during this time.

Marvin Osborne (Chattanoota, TN)
My heartfelt sympathy goes to the families and friends of these fine individuals. As a graduate of Oklahoma State University (and a past resident advisor for the OSU football team), I feel a special bond to all of the people associated with OSU athletics. My heart was heavy when I heard the unfortunate news, and I wish I had the words to comfort thier families. Please know that you are in our prayers.

Lori (Stillwater, OK)
The airplane crash that took the lives of those men was indeed a tragic incident. I did not know them, but I feel the loss deep within my heart just the same. I have said many prayers for the families of the victims and want to reach out to them with this message: Your loss is great, but please take time to heal and grieve. In time the pain will disipate, but the memory will always be with you. Think of the best times and this will make you smile and know that "he" is in a better place. I extend my sympathy and warm wishes of hope for you all. Lori K. Green

Michelle Replogle, OSU
Spreading their wings and flying high, they have moved on, beyond the sky. We are here, left to grieve, The fact they are gone we cannot conceive. We will not forget them as we restart, For they are still living in spirit and heart. God Bless.

Coach Roger Johnson
Princess Anne, Md

May the true spirit of brotherly love be with you in your deepest moment of dispair. Our prayers are with you and yours. The University of Maryland Eastern Shore- Cheerleaders

James Jones
College Station, TX

Being a Texas Aggie I know what it feels like to lose a part of your family in a horrible tragedy. The only words I can say are never forget, and always remember. My thoughts and prayers go out to the friends, family, and extended family of OSU. God Bless You All


We will miss Bill.

Alison Keck
Pullman, Washington

My thoughts and prayers are with those associated with Oklahoma State athletics. As a part of the Washington State University athletics family, I can only imagine how heart breaking this loss must be. I know some of the former assistants from OSU, as they are now coaches here at WSU, and I know this has hit them hard. It was also a wake up call for me, as my father is the TV broadcaster for the University of South Florida basketball team. I know you are all in his thoughts as well. Life is too precious to take for granted. I hope you are all able to get through this tough time.

Justin Wilmeth
Stillwater, Oklahoma

This is an unbelieveable tragedy for the entire Oklahoma State University family. It's 5 a.m., and I've sat up the entire night sifting through web pages and stories trying to get my mind to register all of this. I want to believe nothing is wrong and they aren't all gone, but that's not possible. My thoughts and prayers go out to all the families, friends and loved ones who lost someone special last night. I knew Bill Teegins and Will Hancock, and I know they can read this, so I want to pass a message along to them.

Will, thanks for always helping me out when I needed it. I loved your humor. All the little things you did for us at the O'Colly will be magnified now that God has taken you.

Bill, as a young student wanting to get into journalism, you were an inspiration to me. I watched you on TV long before I met you in person. But once I did meet you, I admired you all the more. I'll never forget you rattling off those baseball lineups from the 1960s over dinner in Austin last fall. One day, I hope I can be half the success you were. I know you'll have a good view from the clouds for future football and basketball games. He shoots, he scores, he's fouled! I'll never forget your great lines.

To Daniel and Nate and the others: each of you will be missed. We love you all, and hope that God keeps you close. Luke 1:37

Ben Micheel
Seattle, WA

As a college student and close friend of many athletes who travel all the time, I can't imagine the shock and grief of the community surrounding Oklahoma St. My prayers are with you and I wish you all the best.

Cary Frye
Champaign, Illinois

As a member of the media who covers various sports at the University of Illinois, I was saddend to hear of the accident this evening. My heart goes out to the families of all the people lost in the crash, and also to the team members and sports information department. When looking at everyones job titles I thought of all of the people here at Illinois that I work with in sports information, the players, coaches and staff, and how easily something like this could happen to any of us considering how much we all travel. OSU you'll be in our thoughts and prayers.


Words can't describe how sorry we our to the families who lost loved ones on this tragic day. Know that they are watching over us from the heaven above, may that comfort you during these difficult times.

Jeff Nichols
Comstock Park, MI

As I a long time follower of Oklahoma State Athletics, I am deeply saddened by the turn of events. My thoughts and prayers are with the families of the players, staff and crew that lost their lives, as well as the entire OSU family.

Ken Pringle
Lawrence, Kansas

To all of the people affected by this tragic loss, know that that our thoughts and prayers are with you here in Lawrence and at the University of Kansas.

Krysta Hollis
Oklahoma City

I thought about calling Nate so many times to see how he was doing, but I never did. I guess I just took for granted that I could always call tomorrow. It's so true what they say about living every day like it's your last. We're so young and it's so hard to believe that we could leave this life with so little accomplished. I'm making a promise to myself to never put off today what I assume can be done tomorrow. My thoughts and prayers are with every family and friend.

Mike Lakey

I just want the families of those who died on the plane to know that my prayers and thoughts are with you. I didn't find out about the tradegy until I got off work at 4:00 am, and before I started to drive home, I wept and prayed for all of you. Though I know that mere words cannot provide the love and comfort you need at this time, I wish to offer my condolences and my prayers during this time of deepest sorrow.
Sincerely yours, Michael W. Lakey

Eddie Baker
Nashville, North Carolina

Everyone in the OSU family is in the thoughts and prayers of all NC State fans today. May the Lord ease your pain and grief during this terrible time.

Stillwater, OK

I can't describe the pain that is felt for the tragedy that happened today. The last thing I remember is cheering for Nate getting in the last 25 seconds of the game. The crowd stood up and gave a standing ovation as he came in. His personality was more than nice and he welcomed anyone that came his way. The shame that is felt can only be replaced with Nate smiling down on us looking at his life full of accomplishments. Knowing that his life was full and that he lived to the best of his ability. Peace.......Nate

Lawrence D. Cannon
Jackson MS

May the Lord be with you in this terrible hour.

Kelly Zang, Class of '89
Kansas City, MO

As an alumni of Oklahoma State, I am deeply saddened at this tragic loss. My family's thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends of the victims and also to Coach Sutton, his staff and the surviving team members.

Mike and Renee Bouska
Orlando Fl

We can only hope that words can convey our heartfelt anguish on the sudden passing of these 10 individuals. Our sympathies go out to the families of these men, the OSU and Big 12 family. May God be with you all.
Mike and Renee


I will miss Bill. His style and love for the game. He was my favorite. Tom Dirato, my prayers are with you.

Julia A. Bowen
St. Louis, Missouri

To All the Family, Friends and Loved Ones of those who lost their lives. I grew up in Huntington, West Virginia and was a senior in high school when Marshall University had its tragic plane crash involving the entire football team. I know the pain that you are suffering. Our town was and still is, Marshall. The entire community suffered with this terrible loss. So today, I send my sincere sympathies to the entire family of Oklahoma State University. I pray for each of you that God will strengthen your faith and resolve. I know of only one thing that can truly help in your grief..."Trust in the Lord with ALL your heart and lean not unto your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path." May God Bless and keep each of you and wrap His loving arms around you!
In Christ's Love,
Julia Bowen

Vincent Bullard
Las Vegas, NV

I am terribly saddened by the horrifying tradgedy that shook your school, athletic program, and lives of those close to the victims. I give my prayers and greatest of sympathy to all of the OSU family. Good luck.

Tim and Stephanie Ensley
Aurich-Middels Westerloog, Germany

Our thoughts are with the families of those who were killed in the plane crash the 27th of January. It is our hope that grieving family members will know that they are raised up in prayer by OSU Alumni around the world. We know that the OSU community, Stillwater and Oklahoma will lend support during this tragedy. We are especially concerned about the family of the student from Michigan...Daniel Lawson represented OSU, and we hope his family will feel the full support of the OSU community throughout this ordeal. Peace.

Preston English
Phoenix, Arizona

I would first like to send my thoughts and prayers out to all the families of the people who died in the crash. As a former basketball SID at the University of Colorado, I worked with Will Hancock and he was a great individual as well as a great colleague. This once again makes everything which we take too seriously in life seem small. To the whole Oklahoma State community, please accept my heartfelt condolences.

William Jones
Scranton, PA

My thoughts and prayers are with the crash victims, the university and the student body, along with the families. They are all certainly in a great place looking down on us. We will miss you all and never forget you! God bless you all.

Nancy Franklin
South Bend, IN

My prayers goes out to the family and friends of the deceased. May god be with them in thier sorrow.I will continually to pray for the family of these love ones. May God Bless.

Scott P.

Losing several friends in a public tragedy is such a shock, not only for us as friends and neighbors here in our small college community, but for the athletic community and country. Although it looks to be a cold wet overcast day here on this Sunday a.m., I hope COWBOY FANS and FRIENDS around the world will pray for our families, work colleagues and friends....Wherever you are keep your head-lights on this week in honor of your POKES....we need your support now more than ever!

Ted Spittal
Alexandria, VA

All over the country, we care for the people at Oklahoma State University. Have consolation in the knowledge that God will take care of those who died. Peace be with all of you.

San Antonio, TX

May God bless the friends and family of those who are no longer with us. It's a sad day in Orange Country.

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