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Bedlam Series
Many factors contribute to the "college experience" - not the least of which is gaining a feeling of belonging and a sense of loyalty to the school, its faculty and staff, the community that embraces the university, and the athletic teams that compete to garner conference and national honors.

Wearing school colors and displaying emblems of the university are life-long symbols of allegiance. For Oklahoma State, Orange Peel and Homecoming are yearly celebrations that bring much activity and excitement. Here, we explore the stories behind Oklahoma State's mascots, symbols, celebrations, traditions and spirit organizations.

Bedlam Series Traditions: History

The following is an account from the 1965 Bedlam Game between Oklahoma and Oklahoma State, played on December 4 at Owen Field in Norman. This excerpt is from Intercollegiate Athletics, written by Doris Dillinger for the OSU Centennial Histories Series.

It was fourth an two when Charlie Durkee and his holder, Happy Settle, sped onto the field for a final shot at victory. Oklahoma State 17, OU 16!

Director Hiram Henry and the Orange and Black band pelted onto the field to outline the shape of Old Central's "victory bell," ready once more to accept the traditional OSU-OU game trophy, the bell clapper. Goal posts came down. Coaches were tossed into showers. Well-wishers were jubilant. Cutchin left to attend the Big Eight Athletic Conference and then begin recruiting. President Willham bowed to the inevitable and agreed there would be no classes Monday.

University of Oklahoma band director Dr. Gene Braught (left) surrenders the Old Central bell clapper - traditional Bedlam trophy - to OSU director Hiram Henry while OSU's band formed a huge bell around the men. OSU prevailed 17-16 after a last-minute field goal for the first win over OU since 1945.

The celebration in Stillwater raged through the weekend. Old Central's belfry was considered unsafe now, and the returned clapper and bell were hung high in the Student Union tower. The prairie school's bell wasn't majestic, but it clanked for all it was worth. Car horns blared as impromptu parades clogged city streets. A bonfire at the corner of Third and Washington Avenue lighted the sky. Monday evening's rally and campus dance concluded the celebration. Tuesday students straggled back to class.

Echoes of the Bell Clapper Classic lingered. The Board of Regents gave Coach Cutchin a new five-year contract. The regents also announced plans for a new athletic dormitory to house 240 men. Durkee's kicking shoe was gilded, to be placed on permanent display. Garrison and Harper were All-Big Eight and honorable mention All-American.

And the clapper was home.

Actually, it seemed two clappers were handed over by OU. Thinking the original one was lost over the long years, OU had a second one made. Then the rightful Old Central clapper popped up. But which was which? One was longer. Each was hung within the bell in turn, and the original was determined when it matched the inner dents made over the course of nearly seven decades. When later remodeling was done, the bell and its victory clapper - by tradition rung only when OU was defeated - were rehung atop Old Central.

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