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2014-2015 Student All-Sports Pass FAQ:

  • Can I purchase the Student All Sports Pass online?
    OSU-Stillwater and NOC-Stillwater campus students may purchase the 2014-15 Student All Sports Pass online through your account manager online at Branch campus students and spouse/dependent tickets will need to fill out the respective order form and return to the OSU Ticket Office at the Northeast Corner of Gallagher-Iba Arena.
  • Will a Branch Campus Student ID work for the All Sports Pass?
    No. Branch campus students will be issued an activity card that will be used as their All Sports Pass. This pass cannot be replaced, reissued, or reprinted.
  • When/how will activity cards be issued?
    Branch Campus and Spouse/Dependent Activity Cards will be available for pick up at the OSU Ticket Office beginning August 18th. Students must present ID to pick up activity cards.
  • What is my Account Number and PIN for my Account Manager online? 
    Your account number is 14+ your CWID. For example, if your CWID is 12345678, your account number will be 1412345678. Once you have enrolled for Fall 2014, the ticket office will email you with instructions. If this email is lost or you forget your PIN, simply click “Forgot Your Password?” and the PIN will be emailed to you based on the email in our system. (Again, this option is only available to OSU-Stillwater and NOC-Stillwater campus students. All other students must bring the appropriate order form and current student ID to the Northeast Ticket Office in GIA.

  • Can I purchase the Student All Sports Pass on the telephone?
    No. Due to the fact that you must show a valid student ID at the time of purchase you must purchase the ASP in person.

  • What sports are included with the All Sports Pass?
    The All Sports Pass includes access to all ticketed OSU Sports; Football, Men’s and Women’s Basketball, Wrestling, Soccer, Baseball, Softball.
  • When do I have to be enrolled to be eligible for the All Sports Pass?
    You must be currently enrolled for the Fall 2014 semester. Your enrollment will be verified prior to the All Sports Pass being loaded on your student ID.
  • Can I purchase football and basketball season passes separately?
    No. The All Sports Pass includes both Football and Basketball for one price. There is no longer an option for just Football or just Basketball.
  • How do I purchase the Student All Sports Pass?
    The All Sports Pass may be purchased online through your Student Account Manager at or in person at the Ticket Office located in Gallagher-Iba Arena for OSU-Stillwater and NOC-Stillwater campus students only. All other branch campuses must purchase by using the Branch Campus order form and returning it to the Ticket Office with a copy of your student ID and class schedule.
  • What will be the cost of the All Sports Pass?
    The cost of the 2014 All Sports Pass will be $250.00 for all regular season home sporting events. ($10 Proc. Fee Included)
  • When is the All Sports Pass loaded on my ID?
    Your All Sports Pass will be loaded on your Student ID once verified for enrollment for Fall 2014.
  • How do I purchase student season men’s basketball tickets?
    Entry for all Men’s Basketball regular season games is included on your All Sports Pass. Once purchased, your Student ID will be scanned for entrance to each game.
  • Will I be required to purchase all sports?
    Yes, the All Sports Pass includes all sports for the 2014-15 athletic season.
  • Will cards be available for spouses and/or dependents?
    Yes, a Spouse/Dependent Card will be issued for spouses and/or dependent(s) of an Oklahoma State student. You will need to fill out the Spouse/Dependent Order Form and provide documentation showing that the individual(s) you are buying the card(s) for is/are your spouse and/or dependent(s). This card will gain access to all OSU regular season sporting events just as the All Sports Pass does with your Student ID.
  • Will the activity cards be available for branch campus students?
    Yes, the activity card will be your All Sports Pass for the 2014-15 athletic season for all events.
  • Do I have to be present to purchase my All Sports Pass? Can I send my ID with someone else?
    Students purchasing the All Sports Pass at the Ticket Office or Information Desk in the Student Union must be present with their ID to purchase the Student All Sports Pass. A form will be filled out and signed to verify your purchase.
  • Do I have to stand in line to purchase the All Sports Pass?
    There may be a line but you may skip all lines by purchasing your All Sports Pass online at if you are a Fall 2014 enrollee for OSU-Stillwater or NOC-Stillwater.
  • Will I be limited to using my bursar account to pay for the All Sports Pass?
    No, you have several payment options to pay for your All Sports Pass (Visa/MasterCard/American Express/Cash (in person)/Check (in person)/Bursar).
  • Will I receive a book of season tickets much like a regular season ticket holder would?
    No, your All Sports Pass will be electronically loaded to your Student ID or your activity card (Branch Campus Students/Spouse & Dependents).

  • I just got a new ID will it work automatically for the upcoming game?
    Once a student gets a new ID it typically takes up to 48-72 hours for it to work for ATHLETIC events. If you know your ID won’t work at the gate, please come to the student window for assistance.
  • Will there be ‘reserved tickets’ available for the All Sports Pass?
    No, every All Sports Pass will be good for general admission seating on a first come, first serve basis.
  • How can I sit with my friends at the game?
    All All Sports Passes are general admission. Therefore, you may sit with any student(s) you choose within the student sections.
  • I have a friend coming into town that wants to go to the game, can I get them a student ticket?
    Yes, starting Fall 2014 OSU students can purchase a guest ticket the day of the event at the student ticket windows. The cost of the ticket will be the face value of the ticket. (No guest tickets will be available for the Premium Game)
  • May another OSU student use my All Sports Pass?
    No. All Sports Passes are loaded to your personal student ID or activity card and cannot be passed on to another student.
  • May a non-OSU student use my All Sports Pass?
    No. Since the All Sports Pass is loaded to your personal student ID or activity card, you will not be allowed to pass the pass to a non-student.
  • Will there be a limit to the number of students allowed to attend an event other than men’s basketball and football?
    The athletic department reserves the right to limit the number of students allowed to enter an athletic event if capacity becomes an issue. Students will be admitted on a first-come, first-serve basis if capacity is an issue.