Purchasing Football Season Tickets Online
Please follow the below steps:

Step 1: Select Football Season Tickets

Step 1

Step 2: Click Ticket Sales

Step 2

Step 3: This screen is where you can select what type of tickets you are wanting

Step 3

Step 4: This is what the screen should look like if you are purchasing two New-Public Season Tickets

Step 4

If you want a Fun Zone 4 pack, you need to put the number of packages you are wanting in the quantity box.  If you are wanting more than the 4 pack, but not a whole 2nd 4 pack, you will need to select 1 ticket with the second option (New-Fun Zone <4 tickets) go through all the screens to check out, and start over selecting the third option the second time through.  Do not forget when you are purchasing the Fun Zone 4 pack, quantity means the number of packages you are wanting.
There is not a section GA in Boone Pickens Stadium.  New season ticket holders are only allowed to purchase General Admission (GA) tickets at this point.  Once all of the season ticket holders from last year have been assigned their seats, all the people who purchased GA tickets will then be seated according to requests in order of POSSE points.  If a season ticket holder does not have POSSE points they will be assigned the best available seating (according to the OSU Ticket Office) at that time.  All of the seat assignments will not take place until mid June.

Step 5: This is what the screen should look like when it’s time to create an OSU Athletics Account or to login to an existing OSU Athletics Account.

Step 5

Once your tickets have been selected, you will need to log-in.  If you have purchased tickets with the OSU Ticket Office before then you already have an account.  If you do not know the log-in information, call the OSU Ticket Office (1-877-255-4678).  If you have never purchased tickets with the OSU Ticket Office then click “sign up now” on the right hand side.

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