Men's Basketball Seat Upgrade Process

OSU Athletics is currently receiving a large number of calls regarding seats for Men’s Basketball. The most frequent requests are:

  1. I am a current Men’s Basketball Season Ticket Holder. How can I upgrade my seats?
  2. How can I secure premium seats if I am currently not a season ticket holder?
  3. When is the renewal deadline? When will I be notified if my seat upgrade request has been approved.

The following is a step-by-step explanation of how the process will work this season.

Seat Upgrade Requests (current season ticket holders only)
For persons interested in a seat upgrade, there are several steps to follow:

  • Priority Point requirements have been lifted for the 2010 season.  Seat upgrade requests must be made in writing and received by June 30, 2010 to be considered for the Season Ticket Holder upgrade process.  Upgrades will be based on POSSE Priority Point ranking and are based on availability of seating. See the Seat Location Request Link under the Men’s Basketball Ticket Section to make your request.
  • After the ticket renewal deadline, the Athletic Ticket Office will determine the number of seats available based on non-renewals. Once season ticket renewals and upgrades have been processed, the Ticket Office will begin ranking persons requesting upgrades by priority points. Once season tickets have been assigned, available seats will be allocated based on priority points to individuals requesting upgrades. Individuals who were not 2009-10 Men’s Basketball Season Ticket Holders can purchase a “place holder” prior to the June 30, 2010 renewal deadline and submit a seating request in writing.  The benefit of this is the ability to utilize the payment plan option.
  • The renewal deadline for Men’s Basketball Season Tickets and POSSE seat donations is June 30, 2010.  The upgrade process lasts approximately 4 weeks and seat locations should be available after August 1, 2010.