Seat Request Guidelines & Writing Tips

Attrition is expected to be extremely low this season; therefore, seating improvements will be difficult. Please keep the following points in mind when making a seat improvement request:

  1. You must be a 2011 POSSE Member.
  2. Be as specific as possible and include as many options as possible. Use specific sections, rows, and seat numbers in your request.
  3. Improvements are based on customers releasing their current seats and are awarded based on POSSE Priority Points (note: priority points will be based on donations, not pledges, received by May 1st).
  4. Requests for seating changes should be put in writing on your season ticket renewal.
  5. In order to be considered for seats in a specific donor area, you must be willing to contribute the required donation.
  6. If you are a part of a group, all parties need to make the same request in order for the Athletic Ticket Office to review the request. Patron names must be included with all group requests.
  7. Each request is reviewed, but the volume of requests does not make it possible for personal consultations. Decisions are based on the best judgment of the Athletic Ticket Office.

Please use the following examples to help you write your request:

Example #1:
Please move my current seats to the following areas:
Preference #1: Sections 302, 309, or 333 on an aisle above row 5
Preference #2: Same sections and row as above but not on an aisle
Preference #3: Sections 202 or 209 rows 15-30
Preference #4: If unable to fulfill above request, please leave me where I am

Example #2:
Due to health issues, I have difficulty navigating stairs
Preference #1: Please move me to the best available location within 5 rows of the concourse between sections 203 and 209 on the South side
Preference #2: Please move me to the best available accessible seats (South side first, north side second)
Preference #3: I would not like to renew my current seats if unable to fill the above request.

Example #3:
I would like to purchase 4 new donor seats instead of my general public seats. I would like them to be in the following sections: 203, 204, 207, 208 between the concourse and row 20.
I would also like my seats in section 308 to be moved to the same areas listed above
Preference #1 all seats together four and four (front to back) or eight in a row.
Preference #2: ok to split four and four as close to one another as possible in the sections listed above
If unable to fulfill the above request I would like to keep my four seats in section 308 and cancel my general public tickets

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