Women's Soccer Recruiting Questionnaire

If you are interested in competing in intercollegiate athletics for Oklahoma State University, please complete the following form. This form is NOT an official university application. Please be aware that this is not a secure form.

If you have any questions or concerns about NCAA rules and regulation or if you have eligibility questions, please contact Oklahoma State's director of compliance at (405) 744-7862.

Thanks for your interest in Oklahoma State Women's Soccer.


Personal Information

*First Name:
*Last Name:
*Year of Graduation:
*Cell Phone:
*Home Phone:
*Date of Birth:
*Age: *Ht: *Wt:
*Father's Name:
*Father's Occupation:
College Attended:
Father's Employer:
Business Phone:
Home Phone:
*Mother's Name:
*Mother's Occupation:
College Attended:
Mother's Employer:
Business Phone:
Home Phone:
Parents are: Married - Divorced:
I live with: Both, Mother, or Father:
Name(s) and age(s) of Brother(s)/Sister(s):

Academic Information

Name of High School:
High School Address, City, State, Zip:
High School Counselor:
Counselor Office Phone and Fax #:
GPA, Class Rank, Size of Class:
PSAT Scores V: M:
or SAT Scores V: M: W:
or ACT Score:
Desired Course of Study:
Academic Honors:

Soccer Information

*High School Coach:
High School Coach Home Phone:
High School Coach Office Phone:
High School Coach E-mail:
High School Coach Cell Phone:
High School Coach Fax #:
Jersey #:
Club Coach:
Club Team Name:
Club Coach Cell Phone:
Club Coach E-mail:
Jersey #:
Individual/Team Honors & Accomplishments:
Upcoming Tournaments:
Other Sports Played:
Verify characters:

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