Oklahoma State vs. San Diego Postgame Quotes

March 28, 2012

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Oklahoma State Head Coach Jim Littell

Opening Statement
“It was a fun night. Our group is playing pretty well right now and they're playing pretty confident. Ladies on both sides of me (Tiffany Bias and Toni Young) are at the top of their game right now and Liz Donohoe is playing pretty well right now too. I thought our whole group played very well defensively. We've been playing a lot of man and we decided to go with a lot of the matchup zone tonight. I thought we were very good rebounding the ball too. We got a lot of the 50/50 rebounds. This group is playing with a purpose right now and they're not satisfied. They want to go get one more.”
On San Diego And The Crowd
“They have a very good ballclub and they've had an outstanding year. Any time a team gets 26 wins you've had a big year. They have good players. As far as the crowd goes they continue to get excited about it. They're happy that we're playing basketball at the end of March in Stillwater and we're growing our fanbase as we go.”
On The Crowd
“I don't think there's any question that they are a factor. These kids get juiced up ready to play and they're excited about playing and we're feeding off of our crowd right now.”
On The Crowd At Gallagher-Iba
“Let's go fill the thing. People are getting excited about it. I don't know what is a realistic number but we are very appreciative of the people that are here. I hope it continues to grow. This was in the middle of the week; you would think we would have a great crowd on Saturday.”

Tiffany Bias
On Toni Young and Liz Donohoe
"I've just seen them evolve into better players. That's what these extra games do for you. They allow you to play, get some extra game under your belt and everyone clicks. Their shots are falling. Usually at the end of the season, people are dead tired and things aren't falling, but as our season goes, they're improving and evolving more and more. It's a lot of potential for next year."
On the tournament
"It's kind of a quick turnaround. We have practice for a day or two, we scout them for one day and then we just go play. It's kind of nice just playing ball and not being so robotic about it."
On purpose
"We play for a bigger reason than ourselves. We play for the name on our jersey and we play for a lot of people in the stands and our friends and family. I think it's bigger than just us. It's our whole community that surrounds us."
Toni Young
On confidence
"It was a good night. I just relaxed and got the pass from my point guard. It has helped me relax a lot and grow and just get over my arm, play my game and do what I know I can do."
On purpose
"We're a family and we're still growing together. I love to get out and work for my team. We play for our coaches, our fans and our family around us. Most of all, we play together. We're taking more steps and playing for each other."

San Diego Coach Cindy Fisher
Opening statement
“First of all I want to congratulate Oklahoma State and Jim for doing such an amazing job this year. My prayers and thoughts continue to go out to the families of the plane crash and our thoughts and prayers will always continue to be with all of them. Jim doing what he’s done and brought this team to this point through all of that adversity just says a lot about his character and the character of this program.”

On Toni Young
“We just didn’t have an answer for Toni today. We watched a lot of film coming into this game and had a lot of things prepared for her and I thought she just completely took it to a different level tonight. That’s obviously where we lost the ballgame right there.”

On the crowd
“I think anytime you play with that much emotion and that much energy in a gym it’s definitely a factor, especially when you’re not fresh and you’re not maybe a hundred percent sharp. I thought the crowd was phenomenal today. It was hard for them to hear my calls and it was hard for them to hear Dominique’s calls and we missed assignments a few times.”



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