OSU Olympians
Our program is judged by a different standard. Our fans, coaches and student-athletes don't measure success by the competition. Our motivation comes from tradition; a championship legacy that calls us to cheer louder, train harder and dig deeper. We owe it to those who built the foundation.

This is the home of more championships by a university in any single sport. This is the University of Wrestling. This is Oklahoma State.

Cowboy Wrestling: Dynasty Defined
Since 1924, 31 Oklahoma State wrestlers have fought their way to Olympic team membership a total of 40 times, with 10 athletes winning a gold medal a total of 13 times. That includes OSU three-time NCAA champion Yojiro Uetake, who took the gold medal twice for his home country of Japan and John Smith, who won two gold medals for the United States.

Ten O-Staters have been selected as coaches or managers. OSU head coach John Smith brought home his second consecutive gold medal as a member of Team USA from the 1992 Olympic Games held in Barcelona. Smith coached his first Olympic team in Sydney in 2000.

Oklahoma State has been represented at every Olympic Games in which the United States has competed in since 1924. Listed below are OSU's Olympians and where they placed.

Unrivaled Tradition
National Championships
Individual Champions
Conference Championships
Paris 1924
Name   Weight Finish
Guy H. Lookabaugh 158.5Fourth
Orion Stuteville 174Alternate
Amsterdam 1928
Name   Weight Finish
Clarence Berryman 145Sixth
George Rule 174 Reserve
Charles Strack 191.5Reserve
Earl McCready Hwt.
Los Angeles 1932
Name   Weight Finish
Bobby Pearce 123 Gold Medal
Melvin Clodfelter 1453rd Round
Jack Van Bebber 158.5 Gold Medal
Conrad Caldwell 191.5Alternate
Berlin 1936
Name   Weight Finish
Ross Flood 123 Silver Medal
Fred Parkey 134 Reserve
Harley Strong 1451st Round
Frank Lewis 158.5 Gold Medal
Roy Dunn Hwt 1st Round
George Chiga HwtDNP
Ed Gallagher, Honorary Coach   
Clarence Gallagher, Trainer   
Helsinki 1940
Suspended following the outbreak of World War II.
London 1944
Suspended following the outbreak of World War II.
London 1948
Name   Weight Finish
William Jernigan 114.52nd Round
Hal Moore 136.5 Sixth
Richard Hutton Hwt1st Round
Art Griffith, Coach   
Cliff Keen, Manager   
Helsinki 1952
Ray Swartz, Coach
Buel Patterson, Manager
Melbourne 1956
Name   Weight Finish
Myron Roderick 136.5Fourth
Dick Beattie 160.5DNC-illness
Rome 1960
Name   Weight Finish
Shelby Wilson 147.5 Gold Medal
Doug Blubaugh 160.5 Gold Medal
Tokyo 1964
Name   Weight Finish
Yojiro Uetake 125.5 Gold Medal
Bobby Douglas 138.5Fourth
Rex Peery, Coach   
Fendley Collins, Manager   
Mexico City 1968
Name   Weight Finish
Yojiro Uetake 125.5 Gold Medal
Bobby Douglas 138.5DNC-illness
Munich 1972
Name   Weight Finish
Gene Davis 136.5 3rd Round
Jerry Robinson 180.5 (GR) DNP
Harry Geris Hwt DNP
Montreal 1976
Name   Weight Finish
Gene Davis 136.5 Bronze Medal
Jimmy Jackson HwtDNP
Harry Geris HwtDNP
Moscow 1980
Boycotted by United States and other nations.
Los Angeles 1984
Name   Weight Finish
Lee Roy Smith 136.5DNC-Arbitration
Bruce Baumgartner 286 Gold Medal
Seoul 1988
Name   Weight Finish
John Smith 136.5 Gold Medal
Kenny Monday 163 Gold Medal
Joe Seay, Coach    
Barcelona 1992
Name   Weight Finish
Kendall Cross 125.5Sixth
John Smith 136.5 Gold Medal
Kenny Monday 163Silver Medal
Atlanta 1996
Name   Weight Finish
Kendall Cross 125.5 Gold Medal
Kenny Monday 163Fourth
Sydney 2000
John Smith, Coach
Athens 2004
Name   Weight Finish
Daniel Cormier 211.5Fourth
Eric Guerrero 132First Round
Jamill Kelly 145.5Silver Medal
Beijing 2008
Name   Weight Finish
Daniel Cormier 211.5DNC-Injury
Steve Mocco 132Quarterfinals
London 2012
Name   Weight Finish
Coleman Scott 60kg Bronze Medal
John Smith, Volunteer Coach   


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