Chris Perry Social Media Chat

Nov. 2, 2012

STILLWATER—All-American Chris Perry hosted a twitter chat through the @CowboyWrestling twitter account on Friday. Here is the transcript:

@CowboyWrestling Hey it's Chris. Let's answer some questions! #askCPerry

@Austin_Chappell Are you an Adam Sandler fan? What's your favorite Adam Sandler movie? #askCPerry
Big Adam Sandler fan. Happy Gilmore is my favorite movie. Follow @shootermcgavin. #askCPerry

@Ster_Merl12 What is the record amount of McChickens you've ate in one sitting?! #askCPerry #okstate
I don't keep count. #askCPerry

@mminshew What are your thoughts on Disney buying Lucasfilms? Should Princess Leia be a Disney princess? #AskCPerry
Never seen Star Wars. #askCPerry

@Ster_Merl12 Also which do you prefer McChickens or Spicy chicken sandwich from Wendy's!? #askCPerry#okstate
Spicy chicken from Wendy's for sure #askCPerry

@c_d_james My son is 11 and is in school right now but he wants to know if u have a pre match ritual and if so what is it #askCPerry
I like to get somewhere quiet about 15 min before the match to calm down and get focused. #askCPerry

@kmoney6093 Who do you think will win between Dake and Taylor 2moro? #askCPerry
 I'm gonna go with Dake and a close match #askCPerry

@joshuajacobson9 What’s it like being able to wrestle in college in the same town you grew up in? #askCperry
It's good. I have a lot of support and my family's here. It's cool growing up here & being able to work w youth #askCPerry

@HarryEndicott What's your favorite pump-up song? #askCPerry
Eye of the Tiger. It's been my favorite song since I was 5 #askCPerry

@browncourtney12 Score prediction for tomorrow? #OSUvsKSU #askCPerry
OSU 34 K-State 31 BCS shakeup! #askCPerry

 I'm 11 and wrestle little league in Poteau, OK and was wondering what's your favorite drill to do on your own?#askCPerry
Battle ropes and stance in motion #askCPerry

Good questions guys! Keep em coming! #askCPerry

@Ster_Merl12 What move do you like the most from bottom?#askCPerry
Side roll #askCPerry

@SamieKetchum If you could be an animal, which would you be?#askCPerry
A lion because he's the king of the jungle. #askCPerry

@BlakeRosholt How many people do you think you will hit with the fat man roll this year? #askCperry
At least one a match plus you once every week in practice. So about 40. #askCPerry

@perry0007 You chasing that national title this season?#askCPerry
 Yep. No doubt. #askCPerry

@TeraOss Also, what match are you most looking forward to? #askCPerry
Whoever steps on the stage in the NCAA finals #askCPerry

@zwhite9669 Do you think the "pioneer cooking" class this evening could have a negative affect on your weight management?#askCPerry
Not a chance because I know your fingers are going to be digging in my food and I'm not eating that. #askCPerry

@PaolaWrestling What advice do you try to give young wrestlers that are just entering the sport in jr high? #askCPerry
This sport can change your life but make sure you commit yourself all the way. #askCPerry

Thanks guys for the questions! It was fun!



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