Cowboys in the NFL
The tradition of Oklahoma State Cowboy Football spans several decades, and boasts one of the nation's top football powers of the 1940's, a rich bowl history that includes many of the most prestigious games in college football, ten conference championships, the 1988 Heisman Trophy, two Pro Football Hall of Famers, and a new commitment to reach even greater heights in the years to come.
Pro Accolades
Oklahoma State Cowboys have been blazing a trail through the NFL for decades. Along the way, the Cowboys have proven to be some of the top individual performers in NFL history.

ESPN recently ranked Oklahoma State as one of the best college football programs in the country, in regards to its talent pipeline to the NFL. OSU was ranked 15th and joined Nebraska as one of only two Big 12 Conference programs to make the elite list.

In the current decade, two Cowboy running backs, Barry Sanders and Thurman Thomas, have been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Both players were named as the league's Most Valuable Player during their careers.

Sanders and Thomas, who were teammates at OSU, rank among the all-time leading rushers in NFL history.

OSU alumni Kevin Williams and Jamal Williams are two of the NFL's most dominating defensive tackles. Both are four-time Pro Bowlers. Kevin Williams is fourth in Vikings history with 42.5 sacks by a defensive tackle. Jamal Williams has long been considered the most physically imposing defensive tackle in the NFL at 6-foot-3, 350 pounds.

A pair of Cowboys, offensive lineman Jon Kolb, along with Thurman Thomas, played in four Super Bowls.

Former Cowboy Leslie O'Neal was a six-time Pro Bowler during his career with the San Diego Chargers.

Antonio Smith was a starter on the Arizona Cardinals' first Super Bowl team in January 2009. He became the third-straight Cowboy to play in a Super Bowl, following R.W. McQuarters (Giants) and Charlie Johnson (Colts).

Johnson returned to football's biggest stage in 2010 when he and fellow Cowboy alum Jacob Lacey played for the Indianapolis Colts in Super Bowl XLIV, the most-watched program of any kind in American television history. Oklahoma State has now had a presence in the last four Super Bowls.

Former Oklahoma State head coach Jimmy Johnson led the Dallas Cowboys to a pair of Super Bowl titles.

The Cowboy Way
Award Winners
Cowboys in the NFL
First Round Draft Picks
Super Bowl Cowboys
Orange Momentum
National Spotlight
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Bowl History
Uniform History

Former Cowboy Charlie Johnson helped the Colts clinch their first world championship since 1970.
First-Round Draft Picks
Oklahoma State wide receiver Justin Blackmonwas drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars with the fifth overall pick of the 2012 NFL Draft. He is the fourth Cowboy in four years to be drafted in the first round and is highest-drafted Oklahoma State player since Barry Sanders was the third overall pick of the 1989 draft.

Blackmon won the Biletnikoff Award presented to college football's best receiver in in both 2010 and 2011, becoming only the second player to earn the award twice (Michael Crabtree won it in 2007 and 2008).

"There are so many people who have helped me get to this point, but I really want to thank Coach Gundy, my receivers coaches Brewer and Dunn, my strength coaches Glass and Tudman, all my teammates and the entire staff at Oklahoma State," Blackmon said. "I'm proud that I got to be part of a group that accomplished so many firsts at OSU. We had so much fun and I wouldn't trade my experience for anything."

Oklahoma State quarterback Brandon Weeden was drafted by the Cleveland Browns with the 22nd pick of the first round of the NFL Draft today. He joins teammate Justin Blackmon as first-round picks in this year's draft.

This marks the second time in the last three years that Oklahoma State has had two first-round picks in the same draft, as Russell Okung and Dez Bryant were both first-round picks in 2010.

Weeden and Blackmon served as the most recognizable players in Oklahoma State's rise to prominence the last two seasons, as the duo helped lead the Cowboys to a 23-3 record during their time as passing game front-men.

In his two seasons as Oklahoma State's starting quarterback, Weeden was 6-0 in head-to-head battles against 2012 NFL Draft headliners Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, Ryan Tannehill and Nick Foles. He led the Cowboys to their first-ever Big 12 championship, first-ever BCS bowl game appearance and first-ever BCS bowl game victory as a senior.

"Thank you to everyone who helped me get to where I am," Weeden said. "There were so many people along the way that I can't name them all. I'm honored to be in the position that I am. It's taken a lot of hard work and a lot of support from the people around me and I'm very thankful of that."

Considered a highly-ranked NFL prospect after his junior year, Russell Okung elected to return to Stillwater for his senior year and finished off his career as one of the winningest players in Cowboy football history. During his time at OSU, he started in four bowl games and was a key component of the Pokes being ranked in the top 10 during both the 2008 and 2009 seasons.

Despite having his college career cut short, Dez Bryant's name is prominent in the Oklahoma State career record book. He is third all-time in touchdown receptions with 29 and is fourth in both receptions (147) and receiving yards (2,425). Bryant's 194 career points scored are good for 12th on OSU's all-time list.

"Going to Oklahoma State was the best thing that ever happened to me," Bryant said. "I had a great experience there because of my teammates and coaches, the fans and really everyone there. It's a great place and I'll always be a Cowboy."

Past Cowboys taken in the first round have included six-time Pro Bowler Leslie O'Neal, Heisman Trophy runner-up Terry Miller, NFL Hall of Famer and Heisman winner Barry Sanders, defensive back and Super Bowl champ R.W. McQuarters, Pro Bowl defensive tackle Kevin Williams and receivers Rashaun Woods and Hart Lee Dykes.

Dez Bryant dreamed of playing for the Dallas Cowboys, and his electrifying plays at Oklahoma State allowed him to make those dreams come true. Bryant was drafted by the Cowboys in the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft.
Oklahoma State First-Round Draft Picks (All Time)
Year Player Selection
1947 Bob Fenimore 1st
1947 Neill Armstrong 8th
1948 Jim Spavital 11th
1970 John Ward 25th
1974 Reuben Gant 18th
1976 James White 25th
1977 Phil Dokes 12th
1978 Terry Miller 5th
1986 Leslie O'Neal 8th
1989 Barry Sanders 3rd
1989 Hart Lee Dykes 16th
1998 R.W. McQuarters 28th
2003 Kevin Williams 9th
2004 Rashaun Woods 31st
2009 Brandon Pettigrew 20th
2010 Russell Okung 6th
2010 Dez Bryant 24th
2012 Justin Blackmon 5th
2012 Brandon Weeden 22nd
2014 Justin Gilbert 8th
Oklahoma State Draftees (Mike Gundy Era)
Year Player Round
2005 Darrent Williams 2
2005 Vernand Morency 3
2005 Billy Bajema 7
2006 Charlie Johnson 6
2007 Ryan McBean 4
2007 Corey Hilliard 6
2009 Brandon Pettigrew 1
2010 Russell Okung 1
2010 Dez Bryant 1
2010 Perrish Cox 5
2010 Zac Robinson 7
2011 Kendall Hunter 4
2012 Justin Blackmon 1
2012 Brandon Weeden 1
2012 Markelle Martin 6
2013 Joseph Randle 5
2014 Justin Gilbert 1
Cowboys in the NFL
Arizona Cardinals | Official Website
Joe Davidson (Chicago Cardinals 1928)
Charlie Strack (Chicago Cardinals 1928)
Ralph Foster (Chicago Cardinals 1945-46)
Loyd Arms (Chicago Cardinals 1946-48)
Bill Bredde (Chicago Cardinals 1946-48)
Jake Colhouer (Chicago Cardinals 1946-48)
Jim Spavital [1948 Draft: Chicago Cardinals - 1st Rd]
Bill Bredde (Chicago Cardinals 1954)
Dale Meinert (Chicago Cardinals 1958-59)
Dale Meinert (St. Louis Cardinals 1960-67)
Ed McQuarts (St. Louis Cardinals 1965)
Terry Brown [1969 Draft: St. Louis Cardinals - 3rd Rd]
Terry Brown (St. Louis Cardinals 1969-71)
Gregg Johnson (St. Louis Cardinals 1987)
Stanley Blair (Phoenix Cardinals 1990)
Dexter Manley (Phoenix Cardinals 1990)
Buddy Ryan - Head Coach (1993-95)
Wendall Gaines (1994-95)
Cary Blanchard (2000-01)
Antonio Smith [2004 Draft: Cardinals - 5th Rd]
Antonio Smith (2004-2008)
Lawrence Pinson (2006)
Atlanta Falcons | Official Website
Daria Butler [1978 Draft: Falcons - 12th Rd]
Calvin Miller (1980)
John Washington (1992)
Scott Tyner (1994)
John Lewis (2003)
Terrence Robinson (2003)
Tim Burrough (2004)
Baltimore Ravens | Official Website
Alvin Porter (2001-03)
Brady Bond (2011-2012)
Billy Bajema (2012)
Ryan McBean (2012)
Buffalo Bills | Official Website
Reuben Gant [1974 Draft: Bills - 1st Rd]
Reuben Gant (1974-80)
Phil Dokes [1977 Draft: Bills - 1st Rd]
Phil Dokes (1977-78)
John Little (1977)
Terry Miller [1978 Draft: Bills - 1st Rd]
Terry Miller (1978-80)
Dean Prater (1984-88)
Thurman Thomas [1988 Draft: Bills - 2nd Rd]
Thurman Thomas (1988-99)
Matt Monger (1989-90)
Kenyatta Wright (2000-01)
LaWaylon Brown (2005)
Donovan Woods (2010-2012)
Jamie Blatnick (2013)
Carolina Panthers | Official Website
Noah Franklin (2010)
Dantrell Savage (2010)
Chicago Bears | Official Website
Ed Parks (AAFC Chicago Rockets 1946)
Bob Fenimore [1947 Draft: Bears - 1st Rd]
Bob Fenimore (1947)
Thurman Garrett (1947-48)
John Ward (1976)
Neill Armstrong - Head Coach (1978-81)
Reuben Henderson (1981-82)
Ricky Young [1982 Draft: Bears - 12th Rd]
Paul Blair [1986 Draft: Bears - 4th Rd]
Paul Blair (1986-88)
Leonard Jackson (1987)
Alonzo Mayes [1998 Draft: Bears - 4th Rd]
Alonzo Mayes (1998-2000)
Keith Burns (1999)
R.W. McQuarters (2000-04)
Cincinnati Bengals | Official Website
Dennis Randall (1968)
Scott Burk [1979 Draft: Bengals - 9th Rd]
Scott Burk (1979)
Joe King (1991)
Jevon Langford [1996 Draft: Bengals - 4th Rd]
Jevon Langford (1996-2002)
Dwayne Levels (2002-04)
Alvin Porter (2004)
Victor DeGrate (2008-09)
Andrew Mitchell (2010)
Zac Robinson (2012 - Present)
Cleveland Browns | Official Website
William "Bill" Owen (Cleveland Bulldogs 1927)
Gordon Peery (Cleveland Bulldogs 1927)
Jim Turner (1937)
Joe Spencer (1949)
Reuben "Rube" De Roin [1951 Draft: Browns - 18th Rd]
Frank Parker [1961 Draft: Browns - 6th Rd]
Frank Parker (1962-64)
Frank Parker (1966-67)
Jerry Sherk [1970 Draft: Browns - 2nd Rd]
Jerry Sherk (1970-81)
Terry Brown (1976)
Dean Prater [1981 Draft: Browns - 10th Rd]
Mike Robinson (1981-82)
Chris Rockins [1984 Draft: Browns - 2nd Rd]
Chris Rockins (1984-87)
Donnie Echols (1987)
Joe King (1991)
Corey Hilliard (2008)
Swanson Miller (2010)
Juqua Parker(2012)
Brandon Weeden [2012 Draft: Browns - 1st Rd]
Brandon Weeden (2012 - 2013)
Josh Cooper (2012 - 2013)
Justin Gilbert [2014 Draft: Browns - 1st Rd]
Dallas Cowboys | Official Website
Walt Garrison [1966 Draft: Cowboys - 5B Rd]
Walt Garrison (1966-74)
Neill Armstrong - Coach/Administrator (1982-89)
Mike Zentic (1987)
Linc Harden [1995 Draft: Cowboys - 4th Rd]
Julius Crosslin (2008-2009)
Matt Fodge (2009)
Donovan Woods (2009)
Dez Bryant [2010 Draft: Cowboys - 1st Rd]
Dez Bryant (2010 - Present)
Dan Bailey (2011 - Present)
Orie Lemon (2011-2012)
Levy Adcock (2012)
Joseph Randle [2013 Draft: Cowboys - 5th Rd]
Joseph Randle (2013)
Denver Broncos | Official Website
Curtis Mayfield [1990 Draft: Denver Broncos - 12th Rd]
Keith Burns [1994 Draft: Denver Broncos - 7th Rd]
Keith Burns (1995-98)
Keith Burns (2000-2003)
Tatum Bell [2004 Draft: Denver Broncos - 2nd Rd]
Tatum Bell (2004-06)
Keith Burns (2005-06)
Darrent Williams [2005 Draft: Denver Broncos - 2nd Rd]
Darrent Williams (2005-06)
Rashaun Woods (2006)
Tatum Bell (2008)
Ryan McBean (2008-2012)
Jamal Williams (2010)
Perrish Cox [2010 Draft: Denver Broncos - 5th Rd]
Perrish Cox (2010)
Jamie Blatnick (2012)
Detroit Lions | Official Website
William "Bill" Owen (Detroit Wolverines 1928)
Sonny Liles (1943-45)
Harry Bolton (1944)
Reuben "Rube" De Roin [1950 Draft: Lions]
Franke Anderson [1951 Draft: Lions]
Darrel Meisenheimer [1951 Draft: Lions]
Jack Jacobson [1965 Draft: Lions]
Leonard Thompson [1975 Draft: Lions - 8th Rd]
Leonard Thompson (1975-86)
Reggie Pierson (1976)
Rusty Hilger (1988)
Barry Sanders [1989 Draft: Lions - 1st Rd]
Barry Sanders (1989-98)
R.W. McQuarters (2005-06)
Tatum Bell (2007)
Victor DeGrate (2008)
Brandon Pettigrew [2009 Draft: Lions - 1st Rd]
Brandon Pettigrew (2009 - Present)
Corey Hilliard (2009 - Present)
Noah Franklin (2010)
Zac Robinson (2010)
Ugo Chinasa (2011-2012)
Jacob Lacey (2012)
Green Bay Packers | Official Website
Ed Jeffers [1945 Draft: Packers - 19th Rd]
Joe Spencer (1950-51)
Billy Grimes (1950-52)
Bennie Aldridge (1953)
Derrel Gofourth [1977 Draft: Packers - 7th Rd]
Derrel Gofourth (1977-82)
Kelly Cook (1987)
John Corker (1988)
Jacoby Shepherd (2002)
Reggie White (2003)
Vernand Morency (2006-2007)
Chris Donaldson (2011)
Lane Taylor (2013)
Houston Texans | Official Website
Jacoby Shepherd (2002)
Kevin Williams (2002)
Vernand Morency [2005 Draft: Texans - 3rd Rd]
Vernand Morency (2005-06)
Marcellus Rivers (2005-06)
Victor DeGrate (2007)
Antonio Smith (2009 - Present)
Indianapolis Colts | Official Website
Harry Buffington (AAFC Brooklyn Dodgers 1946-48)
Ed Jeffers (AAFC Brooklyn Dodgers 1947)
Joe Spencer (AAFC Brooklyn Dodgers 1948)
Carl Voyles - Head Coach (AAFC Brooklyn Dodgers 1948)
Jim Spavital (Baltimore Colts 1950)
Bennie Aldridge (New York Yanks 1950-51)
Darrel Meisenheimer (New York Yanks 1951)
Bennie Aldridge (Dallas Texans 1950-51)
Dale Meinert [1955 Draft: Baltimore Colts - 8th Rd]
Tim Dillard [1962 Draft: Baltimore Colts - 4th Rd]
Leon Ward [1967 Draft: Baltimore Colts - 3rd Rd]
J.B. Christian [1967 Draft: Baltimore Colts - 12th Rd]
Glenn Robinson (Baltimore Colts 1975)
Ron Baker [1977 Draft: Baltimore Colts - 10th Rd]
Ron Baker (Baltimore Colts 1978-79)
Steve Stephens [1979 Draft: Baltimore Colts - 10th Rd]
Rusty Hilger (1990-91)
Cary Blanchard (1995-97)
Charlie Johnson [2006 Draft: Colts - 6th Rd]
Charlie Johnson (2006-2010)
Corey Hilliard (2007-2008)
Jacob Lacey (2009-2011)
Jacksonville Jaguars | Official Website
Reggie White (2001)
Jason Gildon (2004)
D'Juan Woods (2007-2008)
Justin Blackmon [2012 Draft: Jaguars - 1st Rd]
Justin Blackmon (2012 - Present)
Keith Toston (2012)
Kansas City Chiefs | Official Website
Duane Wood (Dallas Texans 1960-62)
Duane Wood (1963-64)
Walt Garrison [1966 Draft: Chiefs - 17th Rd]
Kent Lashley [1967 Draft: Chiefs - 12th Rd]
Roger Taylor [1981 Draft: Chiefs - 3rd Rd]
Roger Taylor (1981)
Dean Prater (1982-83)
Greg Hill (1984-86)
Gregg Johnson (1984)
Greg Hill (1987-88)
Leslie O'Neal (1998-2000)
Khreem Smith (2007)
Dantrell Savage (2008-2009)
Ricky Price (2009-2012)
Andrew Lewis (2010)
Miami Dolphins | Official Website
Wes Matthews (1966)
Larry Little (1970-78)
Cleveland Vann [1974 Draft: Dolphins - 5th Rd]
Robert Turner [1977 Draft: Dolphins - 9th Rd]
John Chesley (1984-85)
Adam Hinds [1985 Draft: Dolphins - 9th Rd]
Garrett Limbrick (1990-91)
Ronnie Williams (1993-95)
Thurman Thomas (2000)
Alonzo Mayes (2000-02)
Kevin Williams (2000-01)
Minnesota Vikings | Official Website
Jeff Williams (1966)
John Ward [1970 Draft: Vikings - 1st Rd]
John Ward (1970-73)
Neill Armstrong - Coach (1970-77)
Terry Brown (1972-75)
John Ward (1975)
James White [1976 Draft: Vikings - 1st Rd]
James White (1976-83)
James Spencer [1984 Draft: Vikings - 10th Rd]
Derek Burton (1987)
Gerald Hudson [1990 Draft: Vikings - 9th Rd]
Paul Blair (1990-91)
Lamar McGriggs (1993-96)
Kevin Williams [2003 Draft: Vikings - 1st Rd]
Kevin Williams (2003 - Present)
LaWaylon Brown (2004)
Khreem Smith (2006-2007)
Charlie Johnson (2011 - Present)
New England Patriots | Official Website
Dick Soergel [1960 Draft: Boston Patriots]
Hart Lee Dykes [1989 Draft: Patriots - 1st Rd]
Hart Lee Dykes (1989-90)
John Washington (1993-95)
Corey Hilliard [2007 Draft: Patriots - 6th Rd]
Marcellus Rivers (2007)
Zac Robinson [2010 Draft: Patriots - 7th Rd]
Zac Robinson (2010)
New Orleans Saints | Official Website
Charlie Durkee (1967-68)
Hermann Eben [1971 Draft: Saints - 17th Rd]
Charlie Durkee (1971-72)
Dick Graham [1972 Draft: Saints - 17th Rd]
Cliff Parsley [1977 Draft: Saints - 6th Rd]
Gary Lewis [1983 Draft: Saints - 5th Rd]
Gary Lewis (1983)
Ken O'Neal (1987)
Cary Blanchard (1995)
Marcellus Rivers (2006)
D'Juan Woods (2009)
Swanson Miller (2011-2012)
New York Giants | Official Website
William "Bill" Owen (1926)
William "Bill" Owen (1929-36)
Orville Tuttle (1937-46)
Harry Buffington (1942)
Harold Springer (1945)
Marion Shirley (AAFC New York Yankees 1948-49)
Jake Colhouer (1949)
Jim Spavital [1951 Draft: Giants - 1st Rd]
Charlie Harper (1966-72)
Frank Parker (1969)
Calvin Miller (1979)
John Washington [1986 Draft: Giants - 3rd Rd]
John Washington (1986-92)
Warren Thompson (1987)
Ricky Shaw [1988 Draft: Giants]
Ricky Shaw (1988-89)
Lamar McGriggs (1991-92)
Cary Blanchard (1999)
Jack Golden (2000-01)
Marcellus Rivers (2001-04)
R.W. McQuarters (2006-2008)
Levy Adcock(2012)
New York Jets | Official Website
Harold Beaty [1961 Draft: New York Titans]
Frank Parker [1962 Draft: New York Titans]
Dennis Randall [1967 Draft: Jets]
Dennis Randall (1967)
John Little (1970-74)
Steve Stephens (1981)
Matt Monger [1985 Draft: Jets - 8th Rd]
Matt Monger (1985-87)
Bobby Riley (1987)
Cary Blanchard (1992-93)
Kevin Williams [1998 Draft: Jets - 8th Rd]
Kevin Williams (1998-2000)
Jacoby Shepherd (2003)
Kenyatta Wright (2003-05)
Jamie Thompson (2006)
Oakland Raiders | Official Website
Rusty Hilger (Los Angeles Raiders 1985-87)
Greg Hill (Los Angeles Raiders 1987)
Leonard Jackson (Los Angeles Raiders 1987)
Demise Williams (Los Angeles Raiders 1987)
Joe King (1992-97)
Jacoby Shepherd (2004)
Marcellus Rivers (2006)
Larry Brown (2007)
Ryan Robinson (2013)
Philadephia Eagles | Official Website
Ab Wright (Frankford Yellow Jackets 1930)
Neill Armstrong [1947 Draft: Eagles - 1st Rd]
Neill Armstrong (1947-51)
Jim Parmer (1948-56)
Toy Ledbetter (1950, 1953-55)
Howard Keys (1960-63)
Ron Baker (1980-88)
Ron Ingram [1982 Draft: Eagles - 12th Rd]
Charles Crawford [1986 Draft: Eagles - Supplemental]
Charles Crawford (1986-87)
Buddy Ryan - Head Coach (1986-90)
Ricky Shaw (1989-90)
David Bailey (1990)
Wendall Gaines (1996-99)
Greg Richmond (2005-06)
Juqua Parker (2005-2011)
Pittsburgh Steelers | Official Website
Jim Marsh [1945 Draft: Steelers - 28th Rd]
Jim Reynolds (1946)
Bill Long [1949 Draft: Steelers - 5th Rd]
Bill Long (1949-50)
Dwaine Underwood [1957 Draft: Steelers - 13th Rd]
Jon Evans [1958 Draft: Steelers - 26th Rd]
Jon Evans (1958)
Frank Parker (1968-69)
Jon Kolb [1969 Draft: Steelers - 3rd Rd]
Jon Kolb (1969-81)
Russ Graham (1984)
Jason Gildon [1994 Draft: Steelers - 3rd Rd]
Jason Gildon (1994-2003)
Ryan McBean [2007 Draft: Steelers - 4th Rd]
Ryan McBean (2007)
Donovan Woods (2008-2009)
San Diego Chargers | Official Website
Jack Jacobson (1965)
Harold Akin [1967 Draft: Chargers - 3rd Rd]
Harold Akin (1967-68)
Larry Little (1967-68)
Dennis Randall (1968)
Bon Boatwright [1974 Draft: Chargers - 8th Rd]
Bon Boatwright (1974)
Milton "Buddy" Hardaway [1978 Draft: Chargers - 2nd Rd]
Milton "Buddy" Hardaway (1978)
Derrel Gofourth (1983-84)
Mike Green [1983 Draft: Chargers - 9th Rd]
Mike Green (1983-85)
Reuben Henderson (1983-84)
Leslie O'Neal [1986 Draft: Chargers - 1st Rd]
Leslie O'Neal (1986)
Mike Hudson (1987)
Ken Zachary (1987)
Leslie O'Neal (1988-96)
Jamal Williams [1998 Draft: Chargers - Supplemental]
Jamal Williams (1998-2009)
Shawn Willis (2006)
Rashaun Woods (2006)
Brady Bond (2010)
San Francisco 49ers | Official Website
Alex Loyd (1950)
Charley Shaw [1950 Draft: 49ers]
Charley Shaw (1950)
Waldo Schaff [1952 Draft: 49ers]
Bennie Aldridge (1952)
R.W. McQuarters [1998 Draft: 49ers - 1st Rd]
R.W. McQuarters (1998-99)
Rashaun Woods [2004 Draft: 49ers - 1st Rd]
Rashaun Woods (2004-06)
Billy Bajema [2005 Draft: 49ers - 7th Rd]
Billy Bajema (2006-2008)
Kendall Hunter [2011 Draft: 49ers - 4th Rd]
Kendall Hunter (2011 - Present)
Perrish Cox (2012 - Present)
Seattle Seahawks | Official Website
Gregg Johnson (1981-83)
Terry Miller (1981)
Gregg Johnson (1986)
Mark Moore [1987 Draft: Seahawks - 4th Rd]
Mark Moore (1987)
Rusty Hilger (1992)
Ronnie Williams (1993)
LaWaylon Brown (2004)
Terrence Robinson (2004-05)
Russell Okung [2010 Draft: Seahawks - 1st Rd]
Russell Okung (2010 - Present)
Zac Robinson (2010)
Michael Bowie (2013)
St. Louis Rams | Official Website
Sonny Liles (Los Angeles Rams 1945)
J.D. Cheek [1947 Draft: Los Angeles Rams]
Billy Grimes (Los Angeles Dons 1949)
Jim Spavital (Los Angeles Dons 1949)
Harold Beaty [1961 Draft: LA Rams - 3rd Rd]
Rod Fisher [1984 Draft: LA Rams - 12th Rd]
Rod Fisher (Los Angeles Rams 1984)
Leslie O'Neal (1997)
David Thompson (1997-98)
Jacoby Shepherd [2000 Draft: Rams - 2nd Rd]
Jacoby Shepherd (2000-01)
Billy Bajema(2009-2011)
Keith Toston (2010-2012)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers | Official Website
Reggie Pierson (1976)
Glenn Robinson (1976-77)
John Ward (1976)
Dexter Manley (1991)
Joe King (1992-97)
Jack Golden (2002-03)
Keith Burns (2004)
Tennessee Titans | Official Website
Don Hitt [1960 Draft: Houston Oilers]
Tony Banfield (Houston Oilers 1960-63, 1965)
Gary Cutsinger [1962 Draft: Houston Oilers - 4th Rd]
Gary Cutsinger (Houston Oilers 1962-66, 1968)
Neill Armstrong - Coach (1972-73)
John Little (Houston Oilers 1975-76)
Larry Harris [1976 Draft: Houston Oilers - 8th Rd]
Cliff Parsley (Houston Oilers 1977-82)
Larry Harris (Houston Oilers 1978)
Robert Turner (Houston Oilers 1978)
John Corker [1980 Draft: Houston Oilers - 5th Rd]
John Corker (Houston Oilers 1980-82)
Harold Bailey [1980 Draft: Houston Oilers - 8th Rd]
Harold Bailey (Houston Oilers 1981-83)
Greg Hill [1983 Draft: Houston Oilers - 4th Rd]
Greg Hill (Houston Oilers 1983)
Juqua (Thomas) Parker (2001-04)
Daniel McLemore (2006)
Markelle Martin [2012 NFL Draft: Titans 6th Rd]
Markelle Martin (2012)
Washington Redskins | Official Website
Joe Davidson (Newark Tornadoes 1930)
Ed Parks (1938-40)
Ed Merkle (1944)
Dexter Manley [1981 Draft: Redskins - 5th Rd]
Dexter Manley (1981-89)
Jamie Harris [1985 Draft: Redskins - 7th Rd]
Cary Blanchard (1998-99)
Ethan Howell [2000 Draft: Redskins - 7th Rd]

Over 140+ members of the Oklahoma State football team have played in the NFL. This list includes numerous Pro Bowlers, MVPs, and two Hall of Famers. There are 19 former OSU players on active NFL rosters:

Dan Bailey 
Michael Bowie
Justin Blackmon
Dez Bryant
Josh Cooper
Perrish Cox
Corey Hilliard
Kendall Hunter
Charlie Johnson
Orie Lemon
Russell Okung
Brandon Pettigrew 
Joseph Randle
Ryan Robinson
Zac Robinson
Antonio Smith
Lane Taylor
Brandon Weeden
Kevin Williams

Thurman Thomas played in four Super Bowls with the Buffalo Bills and was a five-time Pro Bowl selection. He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2007.


R.W. McQuarters has had a lengthy career in the pros, and has helped anchor the defensive secondaries of several teams. McQuarters helped the New York Giants win Super Bowl XLII.


It didn't take long for defensive tackle Kevin Williams to make an impact in the NFL. Williams has become a dominant presence with the Minnesota Vikings, and one of the best defenders in the league.


Big plays by rising defensive stars helped the Arizona Cardinals reach Super Bowl XLIII, and one of those rising stars was Oklahoma State's Antonio Smith. The former Cowboy defensive end now plays for the Houston Texans.


Jacob Lacey joined the Indianapolis Colts as an undrafted free agent and by the end of the year was playing for the Colts in Super Bowl XLIV.


Brandon Pettigrew has emerged as one of the top young tight ends in the NFL.


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