Gundy, Cowboys Preview Bowl Matchup With Purdue

Caleb Lavey

Caleb Lavey

Dec. 20, 2012

STILLWATER, Okla. - Oklahoma State football coach Mike Gundy and selected members of the team visited with the media Thursday in Boone Pickens Stadium to preview their Heart of Dallas Bowl matchup with Purdue.

Mike Gundy
Opening Statement:
"I don't really have an opening statement. Practice is going well. Players' attitudes have been really good and energetic. We'll work out today, tomorrow, Sunday. We'll let the players go home and then meet us at the bowl site. We'll have a normal week's routine of practice in Dallas. We're looking forward to playing in the game. Our players are very excited about being here, which is one of the points I mentioned a week ago. Obviously in a bowl game, it's vital that the team wants to be there and wants to compete. They've practiced really well over the last week."

On why his teams have been so successful in past bowl games:
"I'm not sure if anybody really knows. I think that we have a good formula and a good practice plan which allows the players to get healthy and refresh themselves mentally. I think that it puts them in a better state of mind and helps them feel better about playing in the game."

On how the play-calling will work:
"We've got a plan that we'll have completed by Sunday. We'll have it broken down based on position on the field. We'll make a play call. There will be conversations that go on between coaches on the headphones. The quarterback has to make that determination when we give him the play."

On preparing for Purdue:
"Each team we play that isn't in the Big 12 is interesting because we have to try to take the concepts they've used in 12 games and practice the ones that we feel that they will want to use against us and prepare our players for it. In conference play, we have a good feel for how people feel about us and the way they want to attack us, so we don't have to put as much time into it. In most counts we're correct based on playing teams year-in and year-out."



Defensive Coordinator Bill Young
On playing a team that just let go of their coach:
"I've never gone into a game where the opponent's coach was fired before the game. I'm sure it's very stressful for the coaches. I'm not sure it affects the players all that much, but the coaches are all looking for jobs and trying to look out for their families. I'm sure it's very stressful for them."

On preparing for Purdue:
"The offensive coordinator is the same guy that has called the plays all year. There's no doubt that they're going to do what was successful. We've looked at every play of every game and they haven't changed that much during the season. They have a great run game, then they have the spread so you have to prepare for everything."

On Purdue's offense:
"I think that their quarterback is tremendous. He was a freshman at Miami when I was there. I know that he's a really talented athlete and a tremendous competitor. When he's playing well, they're playing well. They have a big physical offensive line and a bundle of tailbacks that can really run. They'll give us all we can handle, I'm sure."

CB Brodrick Brown
On playing his last game as a Cowboy:
"I don't want to end on a loss, so this being our last game for the season is very important. You can't take anything for granted and you can't go back in time and do it over again, so we're just going to go out there and have fun."

On Purdue quarterback Robert Marve:
"Since he's been back, I know he's been battling a lot of injuries and stuff like that, but when he's been in the game they've had a lot of production and success. That's a guy that just wants to get it done. I think that it's his last college game too, so he's going to be out there trying to give it all he's got."

DE Cooper Bassett:
On getting ready for the bowl game:
"We're ready. The coaching staff that we have does a great job of getting us ready schematically for every game. They're so professional that they keep us professional. They don't let us get distracted by everyone saying that we're in a bowl that we didn't want to go to and all that nonsense. We get to go play an extra game, we get bowl gifts. We're happy. We get to go to Dallas, which is a backyard for a lot of guys on our team, and close to our fans. It's awesome. To play Purdue, which has a great offense, our defense is looking forward to a challenge where we can step it up and play a good solid four quarters. Any of the talks that we aren't ready for this because we look down our noses at this bowl, you're absolutely wrong. We get to play another game, which is great for our seniors, like me. I'm excited for this opportunity, and our team is excited for this opportunity to go out and hopefully get our eighth win."

On playing his last game as a Cowboy:
"At senior day, I got emotional because that was my last time playing in front of our home crowd. It's because of what this university is. It's not just a football team for me, it's not just a school where I got my degree. It's a home. It's a family. The love and support I've gotten from the fans throughout my career has been great. I know that I was never an All-Big 12 player, or an All-American player, but I still got so much love and support from the fans. I couldn't have asked for a better five years. I'm sad that the ride's over, but at the end of the day, I'm just going to sit back and reflect on the great memories that I've had at this university. I wouldn't change it for anything in the world."

On Purdue's offense:
"Some people stereotype the Big Ten by saying it's that it's slow football, but Purdue has a lot of speed in their receivers. They have a bowling ball-type running back that likes to plow through people, and he has good speed when he gets out in the open. They've got a good quarterback who is mobile and extends plays whenever he gets pressured in the pocket. Don't let their record fool you. They are a very good offensive football team. They've got a lot of momentum, and it's going to be a good challenge for us."

QB J.W. Walsh
On playing the bowl game so close to his hometown:
"I'm really excited to be able to be that close to home in this big of a game. It's really special to be able to do. I know a lot of our guys are from Dallas. I'm ready to play the game. Everyone's calling me and talking to me about it. The past two weeks have been a lot of fun."

On being named Big 12 Offensive Freshman of the Year:
"I had no idea. To wake up and learn that I got that award was really special. I'm really happy about it. I can only thank my teammates and my coaches for that."

On his favorite memories from this season:
"There have been a lot of great memories looking back on this year. You go back and think about different plays, different games, and different situations. You look at pictures. There are so many great memories that I can't narrow down just one right now. There are just too many that I can think of. It's just been a really special season."

QB Clint Chelf
On the difficulty of playing the game without Todd Monken:
"When coach Monken was here, he put a lot of responsibility on the quarterbacks so that really won't change. All the coaches do a great job of putting their players in the right place and learning the plays so I think we will be fine."

On the bowl practices thus far:
"It's going well. We watched video of the last two games and saw what we did wrong and how we can correct those mistakes. After that we have just been focusing on Purdue. There a good team, so we have a lot of work and practice left to do."

On his favorite moments from this year:
"Just being able to go and play with the guys on the team. Just finally being on the field with seniors Lane Taylor, Evan Epstein and the other seniors has really been a blast."

Linebacker Shaun Lewis
On Purdue's offense:
"They have a couple of good running backs and their quarterbacks are efficient. We just need to focus on stopping the run and forcing them to pass the ball."

Wide Receiver Josh Stewart
On Purdue's defense:
"They have some big linebackers but if we just come out and play our game, we should be fine."

Offensive Lineman Lane Taylor
On his last game as a Cowboy:
"I just want to finish on a high note with a win for our young guys for next year."

On playing in a January bowl game:
"It's another bowl game and there are a lot of people who wish they were here. We are blessed to be here and we are going to go out there and compete."

On Purdue's defense:
"You have to be able to run the ball on them. That is their biggest strength and will be our greatest challenge."

Linebacker Caleb Lavey
On Purdue's offense:
"They're very fast and have multiple quarterbacks who can play. We are going to have to eliminate the big plays and wrap up."

On playing in Dallas:
"I'm really excited to play in Dallas. A lot of my family gets to come down and watch. I am excited to show some of the guys around."

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