Weeden Social Media Chat Transcript

Brandon Weeden

Brandon Weeden

Oct. 20, 2011

STILLWATER, Okla. - Oklahoma State quarterback Brandon Weeden hosted a social media chat with fans on Thursday using the @Weeden2Blackmon Twitter account. The transcript:

@Weeden2Blackmon Hey guys, it's Brandon let's get this thing going!! Fire away!

@BethWood7 Brandon who's your favorite NFL Football Team ?
@Weeden2Blackmon I've never really had a favorite team. I've always just liked following players. Peyton Manning was my favorite player growing up.

@JWhiteland Brandon what is your favorite meal you make at home on a regular basis?
@Weeden2Blackmon My wife's taco salad. Pretty simple but always a good choice.

@sassacass02 Who or what inspires you when you need it the most?
@Weeden2Blackmon My family. We are very close knit and I know they are always there for me through thick and thin! I have a great wife! #Lucky

@AbigailOgle who is the next Justin Blackmon? Who are you sculpting to follow in your footsteps?
@Weeden2Blackmon Mike Harrison has a lot of the same skill sets and plays the same position so I gotta go with him.

@jasonsuitor street fight between you and Justin Blackmon. anything goes. Who wins?
@Weeden2Blackmon Him. I'm a lover not a fighter!

@djpositron what was your favorite part of last Saturdays victory? And what are you doing to prepare for your next game?
@Weeden2Blackmon Just winning in Austin is special. We haven't been able to do that very often so to do it 2 times in a row is special.

@cowboyvoice hey Brandon, it's Larry Reece on a day off. What are your favorite things about OSU and Stilly?
@Weeden2Blackmon Hey Larry! The close knit, college town feel you get when you go to school here. I've always been a fan of Stillwater

@mattkrafft what is your favorite road trip as a cowboy so far?
@Weeden2Blackmon Playing at A&M is always fun. Especially when you win!!



@DenLowery Brandon what legacy do you hope to leave at OSU and to your team mates?
@Weeden2Blackmon As a guy who would do anything for his teammates, and for everyone to know I always did what it takes to win games!

@pistolsguy is it more difficult to read a defense or read a green?
@Weeden2Blackmon For me read a green. Especially at Karsten!!

MattOwings what's your relationship with Justin like? --Matt, Intern at USA TODAY
@Weeden2Blackmon Very good. On and off the field. Blackmon is a great dude & fun to be around. Everyone in our locker room wants to be around him

@mattkrafft what's it like seeing kids wearing your jersey, how cool is that
@Weeden2Blackmon It's awesome!! Anytime we can have kids look up to us is a good thing! It's surreal to see them wear our jerseys!

@Lane_Driskill Do you get much hazing about being older from the team? Just them messing around?
@Weeden2Blackmon Nah it's not too bad. They leave me alone when it comes to that. They are sick of hearing about my age just like I am.

@Bmurphy47 of the young receivers, who do you see carrying the team with Clint Chelf?
@Weeden2Blackmon I think Mike Harrison has a chance to be really good and having guys like T. Moore back will really help!

@NoSoulCole do you like coach Gundy?
@Weeden2Blackmon Absolutely. Great coach and does what he thinks is best for this program and his players.

@MattOwings What are your thoughts on the BCS system? Would you like to see a playoff?
@Weeden2Blackmon It's out of our control. If you win them all you don't have to worry about any of that.

@VoelkSwaggin What's your usual at Old School Bagel Cafe?
@Weeden2Blackmon Chicken Salad on wheat bread toasted add bacon and sometimes throw on some olives. Can't beat it!

@bleednornge72B What is the toughest road environment you have played a football game?
@Weeden2Blackmon A&M was the loudest.

@KingOfBrentwood What is some of your favorite music?
@Weeden2Blackmon Really anything but hard rock. Mainly country and rap. Not too picky!

@ballgame13 after watching depth chart, the real question is, have u started doin the shopping for ur wife? :-)
@Weeden2Blackmon Hahaha no but once I get some free time I can back up my promise. She understands, that's why she's great!

@AJ_Lilley Brandon, at this point, is it still a trip when ESPN wants to interview you? Or when you see your name on Sports Center?
@Weeden2Blackmon It's really cool Anytime to see anything with OSU on a major network I'm always pumped about that!

@S_Price6 i honestly want to know how easy your school day is? Golf class? Sounds like the life!
@Weeden2Blackmon I'm not complaining. But I worked my tail off for 3 and a half years to graduate so I feel like i deserve it!

@kelsomorris BW, what is your favorite part of Gameday and why?
@Weeden2Blackmon Other than walking off the field after a win I would say the walk. Being able to interact w/ the fans for a little bit is cool

@ztpokes19 you need to give walsh and chelf some golf lessons haha
@Weeden2Blackmon Hahaha I'll tell `em. They don't get a chance to play as much as they would like.

@A_wall15 do you like still being under the radar for the heisman and nat champ?
@Weeden2BlackmonYa absolutely. Till the end of the year we want to be right where we're at!

@KingOfBrentwood Hey Brandon, what is your favorite place to eat in Stillwater?
@Weeden2Blackmon Texas Roadhouse, Bagel Cafe and Thai Cafe

@remix2_ignition How are the team and COACHES keeping the focus on ONLY the next game now that its clear OkState is in the bcs hunt?
@Weeden2Blackmon Stress the importance of practice and not listening to what people are saying and stay focused

@MattOwings which has more pressure, being drafted by George Steinbrenner or competing for a BCS National Championship?
@Weeden2Blackmon That's tough. Prolly the Nat Champ... as a minor leaguer I had no pressure early on. This is too much fun!

@SwoopScoop brandon, how great is it to be a Cowboy right now?? #gopokes
@Weeden2Blackmon Amazing. Everyone should enjoy it. We have something special going on right now. A lot of work still to go though!

@Weeden2Blackmon Alright guys I have time for 2 more questions!

@glen_brock What's the hardest part about being a college student-athlete?
@Weeden2Blackmon Staying focused on school and the time that is consumed throughout our days. People don't realize how tough it is!

@S_Price6 who is a better dancer you or coach GUNDY? #teachmehowtogundy
@Weeden2Blackmon Gundy!!! Did you see those moves! I would still be sore if I tried that!

@Weeden2Blackmon Alright thank you guys for sending in some good questions. I enjoyed it as always!!!! #GoPokes #OkState

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