Blackmon Social Media Chat Transcript

Justin Blackmon

Justin Blackmon

Oct. 19, 2011

STILLWATER, Okla. - Oklahoma State All-America wide receiver Justin Blackmon hosted a social media chat with fans on Twitter Wednesday using the Weeden2Blackmon Twitter account. The transcript:

@Weeden2Blackmon Justin here ready to answer some questions...leggo

@ThirdEyeMystic what has impressed you most about your team's performance this far into the season?
@Weeden2Blackmon i'm really impressed on how focused everyone is

@kelsomorris JB, for you, what is the most exciting part of game day, and why? #w2b #gopokes #heisman
@Weeden2Blackmon I like the walk cause you're out there with the fans, that gets me pumped for game. also when someone makes a big play...really gets me hyped

@todd_stewart Rangers or Cards?
@Weeden2Blackmon rangers of course

@ballgame13 what do u listen to b4 the game to get pumped up
@Weeden2Blackmon i listen to a lot of different things...i'm all over the place

@TanRags who was your fav player growing up as a kid?
@Weeden2Blackmon Kobe Bryant. all time favorite

@DenLowery How did it feel to score that TD Saturday..superman style! #gopokes
@Weeden2Blackmon it was a lot of fun. even better win though lol

@Alisel what do u think our ranking will end up being at the end of the season?
@Weeden2Blackmon aiming for that #1 spot

@hornickj Hey Justin, how good does it feel knowing there are so many additional receivers this year to help lessen the coverage on you?
@Weeden2Blackmon feels really good, makes us hard to stop with so many weapons

@fairy_godmother With our amazing year/talent, we've got haters! Love it! JB - how do you deal with that kind of press out there?
@Weeden2Blackmon I like it, gives you a lil extra motivation

@reubenthomas is #Mizzou the biggest road game on 2011 schedule? I thought it would be #UT but this week will be a huge game.
@Weeden2Blackmon it's the next game so right now it's the biggest game



@Soooooooup do you have a favorite stadium to play at other than Boone Pickens?
@Weeden2Blackmon Jerrys World

@JWhiteland Justin do you like the early kickoff on Sat? How do you feel about Missouri?
@Weeden2Blackmon early mornings aren't too bad and i feel really good about the game

@Alisel is there a new secret strategy for bedlam this year?
@Weeden2Blackmon to win lol

@RobertWhetsell How much different has the coverage been this year from last year?
@Weeden2Blackmon i get rolled to a lot more than i did last year

@mattkrafft i love your celebration after a big play, where did that come from? when did it start?
@Weeden2Blackmon started last year and just started doing it. not sure where it came from

@CadeWebb all time favorite wide receiver?
@Weeden2Blackmon Jerry Rice of course

@Weeden2Blackmon got about 5 more minutes

@garrettmscott when you wanna get beat at hoopin again
@Weeden2Blackmon well i guess never...i don't ever lose lol

@Weeden2Blackmon 2 more questions

@OSUfan32085 are teams ever gonna realize they have to cover other guys too and try to cover u in single coverage? Can't wait 4u to burn em deep.
@Weeden2Blackmon well i hope not...that will make it easier for us lol

@sassacass02 What is the best element of an away game?
@Weeden2Blackmon winning in front of their home crowd

@Weeden2Blackmon thanks for participating had fun and can't wait to do it again!!!! #GoPokes #OkState

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