Coach Gundy Media Luncheon Quotes

OSU Football
Media Luncheon
Monday, August 25, 2008
Head Coach Mike Gundy Quotes

Opening Statement:

“It's good to be back and start the year. We've had a lot of preparation and our players are ready to get in a game. They're tired of hitting each other which I'm sure is pretty consistent throughout the country. We've had a good preseason practice. The only injury worth talking about was William Cole. I'm sure everyone is aware of that. Otherwise we're healthy. We're not going to name a backup quarterback prior to the game. Both guys have gotten better, but there hasn't been one that has done anything in practice to distance himself from the other. So we're going to keep both of them with the same amount of reps they've had the past weeks and go from there. Hopefully, we'll be able to get some of those guys some experience before they have to be in a critical situation. But we are comfortable with where they're at and we are comfortable with the number of reps they have had. But other than that we're just looking forward to two more heavy practices then cutting back Wednesday and Thursday. We'll travel [to Seattle] Thursday night and getting ready to play in a game."

On preparing for Washington State with their new coaching staff:
"I think that we have to make sure we understand our game plan and not really worry about what they do because we don't really know what they're going to do. I think most coaches across the country think that there is going to be some consistency with what they were doing on offense because the majority of their staff is there. But defensively they're split up. So we really don't have any idea what they're going to do. All we can do is prepare and do the best we can and make adjustments early in the game."

On running back Kendall Hunter:
"Kendall has two things that are very important in playing at this level and then taking it to the next level. First being that he's very durable. Second being that he's not really concerned with his personal statistics, he's more concerned about the team. He's got both of those. Kendall needs to become a better receiver as a running back. He needs to protect the ball better. He'll get a better feel for the offense and understand as he goes on. He did a nice job last year as a true freshman. But he still has a ways to go. He does have the ability to make you miss and he can get in the open field and run away from you. He's probably faster than what most people might think. He and Beau [Johnson] will probably split reps this year."

On being better at playing on the road:

"I think we're better. I think it has to do with the experience on your team, the maturity. And I also think it has to do with how good you are as a football team. We were a better team later last year than we were earlier for two reasons. The first reason was that Dantrell Savage wasn't playing earlier. When he wasn't playing, we weren't as good. I think the team we played last year to open the season was better than what people thought they were. They had some youth and still have some good youth. I was walking through my living room and I saw some college football preview on the television. They listed their running back as the best running back in the country. I think he's a pretty good player."

On Washington State being a true road test:

"We've been told that it's the loudest stadium in the NFL. And they're supposed to have 55,000 fans there. I was unaware of that. They say that there is one particular end zone, that because of the way it's a partially closed structure, it's the loudest area in the NFL. It will be a true road test for us. If they have 50,000 fans there and we're in a stadium that is pretty loud. It will be a definite road test for us."

On junior college transfers making a difference on defense:

"We'll be better on defense from a depth and a speed standpoint. It's hard to say you're going to go from a hundred and whatever you were to 50. Statistics can be misleading and I've never really gotten into them that much. We're better now on defense than we were because they understand the system, we have more depth, and we have more maturity there just from he age factor. The junior college players aren't going to step in and play 50 plays in a game. That's not going to happen. But if they can step in and play 12-15 (plays), it will be a lot better than what some of the guys had to go through last year. I think we'll see more results through the middle and latter part of the season."



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