West End Zone: In The Players' Words

OSU's football team began its move into its new state-of-the-art facility recently.

OSU's football team began its move into its new state-of-the-art facility recently.

June 15, 2009

Senior Andrew Mitchell

"I like the fact that it is all under one roof and is all inclusive. We don't have to make a big, long walk from the locker room to the weight room to the training room."

"It is nice. It is like a nice hotel really. It is plush. Plush is the word."

Sophomore Brandon Weeden

"I kind of knew what to expect because I had seen pictures, but I was just in awe. I was shocked at how nice it was. I was shocked at every little detail. It is one of the nicest in the country."

"Other than how nice it is, I like how convenient everything is. You have the weight room and the training room right there. It is all right here close where we don't have to walk too far. It is all right here for us."

"We have something special and it says a lot for the university to take the step and do this for the program.

Senior Terrance Anderson

"The first thing I said was that it was amazing. I think we are up there with NFL teams facility-wise hands down."

"My favorite part beside the locker room would be the team meeting room. It is outstanding too. It is huge like a theater."

"It is more than I expected. I didn't expect anything like this. It is past incredible."

"The sky is the limit for recruiting. More players are going to want to come and it is going to help the team out tremendously. When you see this you have no choice but to see things are pretty special around here."

Sophomore Richetti Jones

"I was shocked. We have one of the best locker rooms in the country by far, hands down. It is top notch. We are on a different level now and we just need to keep playing like it. If we play anything like our locker room looks, we are going to win championships."



"It is way better than I expected. The locker room is huge and everything looks so good."

"It is going to elevate the program a lot. When we have recruits and parents come visit they won't see any other facilities in the country like it."

Senior DeMarcus Conner

"When I first came in I was lost. It is so much bigger than the other locker room. It is so big and amazing. It is bigger than I thought it was going to be. Overall, it is just amazing."

"My favorite part is the team room. The cushion on the seats and how laid back it is. It is not like the other team room. I can really spend time in there."

"It shows that the program is moving up. I just think the program is moving to another level."

"I think this is going to make everybody work harder because we don't want to let everybody else down. I think it is going to make everybody in this locker room work harder and strive to be a better team."

"It is more than I expected. Monday was my first time to come in here. I thought it was going to be a regular locker room, but not this big. We have lights over the lockers and we will have TVs in here really soon. It is more than I expected. Even the weight room is more than I expected."

Senior Derek Burton

"The last time I saw it they were still putting stuff in here. It is beautiful. The best thing I have ever seen. I am really happy to have it."

"It is way more than I thought it would be. To see how much effort went into it and then to see the finished project is amazing. I am glad that I get to spend my last season in it."

"We are moving forward. That is the biggest thing that we are moving forward. We are trying to get more and more recruits in here and this is a great recruiting tool. We are taking steps forward. I think we have one of the best facilities in America."

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