Cowboy Football Report, March 31

Mike Gundy

Mike Gundy

March 31, 2014

STILLWATER – Dressed in full pads, the Oklahoma State football team held its eighth practice of spring ball Monday at the Sherman E. Smith Training Facility. After the approximately two and a half hour-long session, coach Mike Gundy shared his thoughts:


Oklahoma State Coach Mike Gundy

On how the energy level was at the first practice of the week:
“I thought it was good. We were a little sluggish. I told the team it looked like we had a little bit of a Monday hangover, but overall we got our work done and we had a good team period. We still have a number of young players that are improving. I like our defensive guys. Devante (Averette) made some more plays today. I like what Kevin Peterson’s doing. Ryan Simmons is running well. Sam Wren continues to show up and make plays, and I think our offensive line is improving. The twos are inexperienced and they’re improving slowly, but surely. I like the coaching that they’re getting from Bob Connelly. We have a number of running backs that are getting a lot of reps with Des (Roland) not being out there this spring. They get a little bit better each day. We kind of force Tyreek (Hill) more things every day; split him out some at receiver, play him a little bit at running back. He starts to pick some up and it seems like he’s getting in a little bit of football shape. So overall, we’re doing OK.”

On if it finally felt like spring with great weather today:
“It’s the first time that I’ve walked across the street where I felt like what spring ball usually feels like around here. It’s been unusually cooler than what we’ve been accustomed to, but it was a really nice day and I think we’re going to able to get some good work in this week with the weather.”



On the young safeties who are still learning things:
“That’s really what they are. Larry Stephens is coming back and he’s giving us a little bit of work, but other than that they’re young players that are out there and they’re learning and they’re getting a lot of work. They’re having to learn the game really fast, and with the tempo of our offense it’s not always easy, but they continue to improve. (Tre) Flowers and (Jordan) Sterns each day are getting a little bit better.”

On how important it is for young players to have a good spring:
“I think it’s important for all of them to have a good spring. They’ve got to get better each day. When we finish spring, they have to have shown improvement mentally each day. Then they’ve got to do that up through 20 practices in the fall in order to get ready to play in the first game.”

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