Cowboy Football Report, March 27

Mike Gundy and Brandon Weeden

Mike Gundy and Brandon Weeden

March 27, 2014

STILLWATER – Dressed in full pads, the Oklahoma State football team held its sixth practice of spring ball Thursday at the Sherman E. Smith Training Facility. Dallas Cowboys quarterback Brandon Weeden, who started for Oklahoma State during the 2010 and 2011 seasons, took in the practice from the sidelines. After the approximately two and a half hour-long session, Weeden and head coach Mike Gundy shared their thoughts:


Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Brandon Weeden

On what brought him to Stillwater:
“It’s been a while. I hadn’t been up here in a while. I had some friends in town who wanted to get out and play a little golf and I figured, ‘While I’m up here I might as well come watch them practice.’ It’s been kind of an unfortunate deal I haven’t been able to get up with my schedule. I wanted to see this indoor and see how things were going.”

On the Sherman E. Smith Training Facility:
“This is first class. I can’t imagine much being any better than this around the country. This is a first-class facility, everything about it. It’s obviously everything we need and we’ve needed it for a while. We’re fortunate to have a place this nice.”

On his observations from practice:
“Very good, talented team. I think there’s a lot of young guys that show a lot of promise; some names that I’m becoming pretty familiar with, some guys that may be new to the program, but I think are going to be guys we’re going to rely on for the years to come. You’ve got guys like J.W. that have been around here for a little while. You can just watch him practice and tell he’s a leader on offense and does things the right way. So, overall, good. I think Coach Gundy’s got them going the right direction.”



On the quarterbacks:
“I thought they all looked pretty good. I think Daxx Garman can just flat-out spin it. I think he sits back in the pocket and throws a good ball, very accurate. J.W. – I was around him for a few years so I kind of know what he brings. He’s just a football player. He throws a good ball. You can tell he’s in complete control of the offense – again, just being a leader. Mason looks good. From the reps I saw in team, he sits back there and he’s a big kid. You can tell he’s still learning, but I think he’s a guy that has a pretty high ceiling.”

On how it sounds to say he’s a quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys:
“It sounds really good. I like it a lot. I haven’t heard that sentence yet, but I think it’s exciting. It’s a dream come true to be able to play down in Dallas and I’m excited about what’s in store.”

On his emotions when he found out he was going to Dallas:
“Extremely excited. I was ready for a change of scenery. I was ready for being in an atmosphere where it’s a well-run organization that’s going to compete every Sunday. Kind of a fresh start for me and I think for myself and the Browns both mutually agreed that was going to be best for both sides and everything went great from there. I respect everything Ray Farmer did there with me and the conversation we had. Now that I’m in a new spot, now I’m excited about what’s ahead.”

On playing for the New Yankees organization and the Dallas Cowboys:
“There’s a lot of people that absolutely love them and there’s a lot of people across the country that – that’s the thing about the Cowboys and Yankees; it’s a nation-wide thing. I think people either love them or hate them. It doesn’t bother me one bit. Two great franchises, two first-class franchises and I’m just honored to be a part of both of them.”

On Mike Gundy preparing players for the next level:
“I think that’s one thing I’ve always given Coach Gundy a lot of credit about. He always tries to prepare guys for life after football in the professional ranks or a professional out in the business world or whatever it may be. He expects you to be on time, do things the right way, take care of your stuff off the field and then when you show up, be prepared and practice hard. I think the way he runs this organization, this program, again, it’s like a business. He doesn’t tolerate guys being late. He doesn’t tolerate guys not trying hard and those types of things, and I think that’s going to benefit these guys if they get a chance to play at the next level or when they get out in the real world.”

On his message to Oklahoma State fans:
“I miss you guys. I do. I love being back in Oklahoma and just being, if I’m in the city or wherever, I love just walking down the mall and seeing people wearing Oklahoma State shirts and hats and stuff. It’s a family. It truly is, and I think once you’re gone and you’re away from it for a little while, you kind of forget that and kind of take it for granted, but when you’re here, Oklahoma State fans have been nothing short of remarkable. I miss you and look forward to being around here for the future.”


Oklahoma State Coach Mike Gundy

On Daxx Garman:
“He’s an accurate thrower and he’s starting to understand the game. He works hard at it and he spins the ball really nice. The one thing that’s happened to him is he’s not really played competitively for a number of years – I think three or four years. Now that it’s kind of his turn, he’s starting to get back into the role and understanding. He’s out there getting action and I see kind of a little bit of a gleam in his eye.”

On if the defensive line can be a strength for the defense:
“I think so. They’re a mature group. I think we only have two or three returning starters on defense, but we have a number of guys at that position that have played in games. When that happens, for the most part, we consider them returning starters.”

On the defensive ends:
“Vili has played some at end and moved down some based on the package we’re using, but Sam Wren and Trace Clark – those guys are really showing up because they’re experienced players. They’ve got to make plays for us, and I think they will because they have played in games.”

On having former players like Brandon Weeden return to practice:
“When we started here years ago we said that at some point, in order for Oklahoma State to be successful in the long run, that we have to develop and build tradition. You start to build tradition by winning. Then when you start to win you bring good players in and you take good care of them. Over a four-, five-, six-year period they’ll start to come back. Then that cycle starts, where it takes a long time. I’d used the example before – there’s really no fast forward button in developing tradition, and that’s tradition when players come back. We’ve had a number of guys show up, but here’s a guy that just signed with the Cowboys and is going to take time out of his day to drive up and be around the team and watch the quarterbacks. It means a lot to us and that’s what has to happen in order for us to continue to have success.”

On Weeden being a Dallas Cowboy:
“I think it’s great for him. You never know what’s going on in somebody else’s program, but it’s just never worked out for him up there for whatever reason. There were times where I thought there was a lot of pressure on him, then there were times where they weren’t as successful throwing the ball, but I did see him sit in the pocket and make some good throws. I think now with the Cowboys, what he brings to the table and what they have, I think is great for his future.”

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