Gundy Meets With The Media To Preview Spring Football

STILLWATER, Okla. – Oklahoma State football coach Mike Gundy met with members of the media Monday at Boone Pickens Stadium just hours before the start of the Cowboys’ first practice of the spring. Here are some of the highlights of what he had to say:



On his outlook for the spring

“We’re excited about starting spring football. The players have had a great offseason of conditioning. Looking forward to getting out there today and getting started, letting some of the young players get a lot of work and let some of the redshirt freshmen that should fit into a role in the upcoming season, give them an opportunity to get in the mix and have some fun.”


On new coaches and coaching in the spring

“Our new coaches are very excited. I know Coach Matthews, Coach Gillespie and Coach Young are real excited to get out there and know the players. I’ve always said the most enjoyable time of the year for us as coaches is when we’re out coaching football and we get to do it for the next five weeks and we’re very excited about it.”


On players that have impressed in their workouts

“The wide receiver group has done a nice job. Hubert Anyiam, Justin Blackmon, Josh Cooper, Isaiah Anderson and some of those younger players. Horton and Jamal Mosley have done a nice job. Swanson Miller, who played some last year, it’s time for him to step up. It will be interesting to see how Anthony Morgan does at the offensive line position. Just to fit them in and let them go, and see how things work out.”


On new coaches coaching together

“I think they’re familiar with the staff. We’ve spent a number of hours together in the last month or so. I think it’s more important to get to know the players. Especially coach Young. Get to know the defense and their personality and who he feels like fits into his style of play and best position that we can put them in to give us an opportunity to win games next fall.”


On his own role during the spring

“I’ll still meet with the quarterbacks and be with the offense during the majority of the practice. I don’t know where my play-calling duties will be during the spring. The offensive staff will handle the majority of those. I’ll move around a little more during scrimmages and stuff. I’m not going to walk away from spending time with the quarterbacks in practice or in the meetings. That’s a part of the game I really enjoy, I want to continue to have the opportunity the develop relationships with those players and stay involved in the offense.”


On play-calling for the fall

“I don’t see any changes at this time. During the spring, we’ve got several guys in that room who are adequate to make play calls. It gives me a chance to move around and watch other players on both sides of the ball.”


On following the defense during the spring

“I see a lot of them every day on tape. When we’re watching tape, I see the other side of it. I see a lot more than what people realize. In the spring, we go against each other 90 percent of the time. I see both sides of the ball. At times, in the offensive meetings, I’m running the tape back. They’re wondering why and I’m actually watching the other side of the ball.”


On changes that have been made going into the spring

“One thing we’ve done this spring is we’ve changed some calls we make at the line on both sides, because we’re going into our fifth year. There are probably some teams in this league that have become familiar with calls on both sides of the ball. Those are discussions we’ve had as a staff and there are some changes that are going to be made in those areas. When you have a new coach on defense, there are terminology changes that will take place. There’s a lot of learning going on, but it’s good for players.”


On offensive changes

“There’s obviously more continuity on the offensive side of the ball right now. The majority of the staff has been together for a long time. We have a somewhat mature offense. There will be a certain part of what we do that will be new. Overall, we expect the players to grasp it and be able to execute it next fall.”


On Lucien Antoine returning from injury

“Lucien’s doing very well. Our medical staff has done a tremendous job with him. We’re going to keep him out of contact. He’ll go through the drills and he’ll be involved in a considerable amount of what we’ll do this spring. I don’t see him getting any contact. There’s not any reason to put him into contact. One thing we did learn last year is that he’s not afraid of contact.”


On replacing Brandon Pettigrew

“We’re very comfortable with Jamal Mosley, Justin Horton, Cooper Bassett and Wilson Youman. We feel like they are good, young tight ends. Obviously, they aren’t in the same position that Pettigrew was. You’re talking about a first-round pick. They’re good young prospects. We should have more depth there.”




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