How I Got Here: Kevin Peterson

Kevin Peterson

Kevin Peterson

March 4, 2014

STILLWATER, Okla. – "How I Got Here" is a series that asks Oklahoma State football players to detail their football background and careers and how they got to where they are now. Today's edition features cornerback Kevin Peterson from Wagoner, Okla.

Cornerback Kevin Peterson

On why he started playing football
“I didn’t start playing football until fifth grade when I grew up in Louisiana. I grew up playing baseball and basketball because that’s what I thought I was going to do. Then my little league coach asked me to come out to football one day and I haven’t stopped playing since.”

On his biggest influences growing up
“My parents were my biggest influences because they were always pushing me to go outside and play sports. They were always there to support me in whatever sport I wanted to play as a kid.”

On why he chose to play cornerback
“I actually didn’t decide to play corner. I played some my freshman year of high school but the coaches just told me I was athletic and smart. They told me I had all the tools to play the position.”

On his favorite part of playing cornerback
“Just knowing that your job is always on the line because in the blink of an eye the game could be all on you. Having the pressure to always do your job with the best technique with everything on the line is my favorite part.”

On growing up in Oklahoma and seeing OSU football improve
“It’s really fun to see because when I grew up in [Wagoner,] Oklahoma, it was all OU fans. My freshman year of high school we had a senior linebacker who had committed to Oklahoma so they had a lot of fans in Wagoner. Then guys like Blackmon and Hunter came along and got me interested in Oklahoma State. It’s fun for me to go home now because I see more OSU stuff now than I ever did growing up. We have fans all over the state now and those numbers are growing.”



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