Pre-Draft Q&A With Brandon Weeden

Brandon Weeden

Brandon Weeden

March 2, 2012

STILLWATER, Okla. - Oklahoma State quarterback Brandon Weeden has seen his NFL Draft stock jump since the end of the season. He visited with to talk about his pre-draft evaluation experience, how his time at Oklahoma State prepared him for it, the legacy he has left and his most memorable moments in a Cowboy uniform.

Where have you been and who have you trained with leading up to the NFL Combine?
"I've been at API in Arizona with Robert Griffin, Brock Osweiler, Trent Richardson and all the Alabama guys like Courtney Upshaw and them. Matt Kalil is there, too. A lot of big-name guys are out there at API. It's a good group to work with. A lot of guys who will push you and make you a better player."

What have been the biggest eye-openers for you during the pre-draft process?
"Probably the Senior Bowl - it was eight days long and all football. You've got interviews, you've got football, you've got tests and all this stuff. I didn't really know what to expect going into the Combine, but that gave me a little better feel for what was going to happen. Every process and event I have been to has been a lot of fun."

What's the general feedback you have been getting from coaches and front office people?
"It's been positive. I've talked to a lot of quarterback coaches and offensive coordinators and the feedback has been really good. They thought I threw the ball well at the Combine. They thought I interviewed extremely well with the teams. I haven't gotten any negative feedback yet. There are a couple months left, so hopefully I can keep it that way."

What questions have you answered for NFL personnel people that have resulted in your draft stock rising since the end of the season?
"What they have now seen is that I can play at that level. Even though we run the kind of offense we run, my game still translates well to the NFL. People are starting to realize that the age thing isn't an issue - teams especially. Those two things combined and my ability to throw the football have gotten me to where I want to be."



Where have you seen the influence of Rob Glass, Mike Gundy and Todd Monken show up during the pre-draft evaluation process?
"They've been huge. Just being at Oklahoma State preps you for what I am doing now. Just how professionally everything is done at OSU. Everything we do is first-class. Everything we do is structured. It prepares you not only for football, but for life. It's really given me an advantage when I go out and meet with these teams and do all the media stuff. My time at Oklahoma State has been a huge asset for me and I'm seeing it all happen now in a real-world way."

What will you miss most about OSU?
"The camaraderie of this team. It's a close-knit university and close-knit town. We have a great fan base and a lot of support. These last few years, it has been escalating and hopefully we can keep it that way. There are a lot of things I'm going to miss. Going out on the field at Boone Pickens Stadium and the support that goes with it."

How has your life changed since coming to OSU?
"I came back to school hoping to play. In that 2009 season against Colorado, that's when it all kind of started. That's when I realized that I can play a little bit even though I was a third-string guy. I got my shot in 2010 and my life has changed a lot since then. I'm in a great position now and it's because of all the guys around me. We put together a really good football team these last two years and it sounds cliché, but none of us would be here without the other 100 guys in that locker room."

Now that your college career is over, what do you think your lasting legacy will be at Oklahoma State?
"I think any time you can be mentioned in the same breath as Mike Gundy, Josh Fields and Zac Robinson, that's good company to be with. More importantly, the ambassador and the role model that I was while I was here. Hopefully I left a positive imprint on the people around me and all of the fans I came into contact with during my time at Oklahoma State, not only as a football player, but more as a person. To me, that means a lot more than being a great football player."

If you could single out one play or moment as the most memorable from your time at OSU, what would it be?
"Honestly, I'd have to choose two. First was the touchdown pass to Justin Blackmon against Colorado in 2009 that started it all and I will always remember my last throw to Colton Chelf in the Fiesta Bowl. I can still feel it. I can feel how I felt when I was running after he caught it. There were a lot of fun ones in between, but those two stand out more than the rest."

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