Loyal and True: Cameron Gravelle

Cameron Gravelle

Cameron Gravelle

Feb. 28, 2014

STILLWATER, Okla. – Okstate.com’s “Loyal and True” is a feature that details the stories of walk-on players and other key contributors to the Oklahoma State football program who embody what it means to be a Cowboy. Today’s story features an interview with Austin, Texas native Cameron Gravelle. His comments:

Cameron Gravelle

On walking on at OSU
“I was already accepted as a student and I had a friend who knew an old coach that used to be here who is still good friends with Johnny Barr. I met with him and he talked to Johnny Barr. When I came up for orientation I met with Johnny and talked to him about coming out when I was a student and it just kind of worked out that way.”

On the walk-on process at OSU
“I didn’t have to go through the tryout. I just talked to Johnny and he just told me when and where to be.”

On what life is like as a walk-on
“As a walk on you always have to have that mentality that you have to work harder to earn your way on the team because you weren't recruited to be here. You just have to work harder and make sure you could hang with the scholarship guys and prove yourself since you hadn’t proved yourself before.”

On what it meant to him when he earned his scholarship this year
“It was a big honor and very helpful for me and my family to get that and see the hard work pay off. That’s every walk-on’s dream is to earn that scholarship and prove to themselves that all the hard work paid off and it was all worth it.”

On how he found out he earned a scholarship
“I had talked to [academic adviser] Terry Henley toward the end of last semester about it, then again this semester when I was setting up my schedule to graduate in May. Talking to [assistant director of football operations] Rod Johnson, he was the one who officially told me a couple of weeks into this semester.”



On the first person he told
“I called my dad and told him. He was very excited and very proud.”

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