How I Got Here: David Glidden

David Glidden

David Glidden

Feb. 27, 2014

STILLWATER, Okla. -'s "How I Got Here" is a series that asks Oklahoma State football players to detail their football background and careers and how they got to where they are now. Today's edition features receiver David Glidden from Mustang, Okla.


Receiver David Glidden

On how he started playing football
"When I was really young, it started with playing with my brother in the backyard, and all the neighborhood kids. I played flag football growing up. I played one year of tackle, but I really didn't play football for real until middle school. That's when I got my first tackling experience. I actually sat out my freshman year of football in high school, and I didn't play. I picked it up my next three years of high school, and it just took off from there."

On the people that influenced him in football
"It started with my brother. He played in front of me in high school and he always had a love for the game. That's probably where I got my love for the game. Growing up also in Mustang was Josh Cooper. As a receiver, I looked up to him a lot. I tried to see what he did to strengthen his game, and obviously he ended up at OSU, and that's where I ended up, too. Other than that, I obviously look toward Wes Welker a little bit because he's one of the best receivers in the league right now."

On if he chose the wide receiver position because of his previous influences
"Yeah, probably so. Being in Mustang is probably the main thing that helped me with that because I knew that they had the spread offense going, so that was a good setup for me to try it out, and it just took off from there."

On what he likes most about his position
"There are quite a few things, but I would say the fact that we get matched up one-on-one sometimes--that man situation where you just have to go mono e mono and win the battle. It's your job to get open and go and make a play."



On if he likes receiving or returning kicks more
"I definitely like receiver a lot more. In high school I returned kicks and punts and I loved it, and I still love doing that because it's an exciting part of the game. There's something about being the receiver. I enjoy the position, I've enjoyed learning the position all the years I've been here and I've enjoyed all of the people I've been under who have taught me the ins and outs. I've really fallen in love with being a receiver and embracing my role with that position."

On his relationship with Josh Cooper, who is also from Mustang
"Yeah, I know Coop pretty well. He's quite a few years older than me, but he was around the same age as my brother. My brother knew him pretty well in high school, and my brother introduced me to him. Once I started to look at OSU, I came up here and we started getting to know each other better. Actually, he's come back and ran some routes and worked out a little bit. I've seen him once or twice lately."

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