Oklahoma State - Iowa State Quotes

Oct. 14, 2000

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OSU Coach Bob Simmons

"I thought we had a great effort. I thought that down the stretch we weren't very smart with some of the things that happened in the ball game - especially when with 1:24 on the 40-yard line. I don't know where that flag came from, but he called celebration. The next play we ended up throwing an interception. It (the celebration flag) didn't seal it because the game was tied at that point. But it took away the great field position that I thought we had. I thought our next step was to just move it into field goal range.

"I thought that Aso (Pogi) was good. I thought Aso made great decisions and gave us the chance to move the football. I thought he got us in the right place. I thought he got us in the right checks. He's going to be a very good quarterback. Our kids responded to him. It was one of those games that we really had to stay in. I really felt that we could have won it.

"The effort was positive. I thought that our effort was great and that is positive. But the bottom line is putting the game together, finishing it off and winning the ball game. Obviously this particular game, we put ourselves in the position to do that. I thought that defensively we played a little sporadic, but at times I thought that it had to do with Iowa State's good offense. I thought our defense did a good job of keeping them out of the end zone.

"This football team is very tired of what is going on. The whole thing is that we are the ones who can do something about it. Obviously tonight we could have done a lot about it.

"I really thought Tatum Bell came in and showed exceptional quickness. I think we have two good tailbacks in Tatum and in Reggie White."

Oklahoma State Players

Zac Warner



On the loss
"We had a few breakdowns. We had them third and long, and they broke out for a first-down scramble. That hurt us, and then we got beat at the end for the touchdown. It just hurts. It's not a good feeling."

On Iowa State's offense
"They played great. Their zone plays were working for them. They really hurt us with them."

On the disappointment
"We thought we should have won tonight. We just had a couple of plays at the end that really cost us big, and we ended up losing the game."

Aso Pogi

On his own performance
"It doesn't matter to me how I play or how anybody else plays. What matters is that we get wins, and we didn't get that done tonight. I'll take responsibility for that. We've got to come back and work harder and get ready. We can take this off week and make it a positive and just get some things corrected."

On OSU's offensive performance
"I'd give credit to the offensive line, as well as the receivers and backs. They picked up all the checks. They did a great job of getting themselves open and making big plays."

On how he felt about starting
"I've always thought if you're prepared mentally and physically, you have no butterflies or nervousness. I didn't really have any nervousness. It just got away from us, and we've just got to come back and work harder."

Iowa State Coach Dan McCarney

On the game
"First of all, congratulations to Coach Simmons and his coaching staff. It's a shame anybody had to lose that game. It was one of the most exciting college football games I have been a part of, and it was two classy programs trying to make a move from the second division to the first division."

On Iowa State
"I am really proud of our football team and staff. We had a lot of mistakes, but we also had a lot of huge plays. When it comes down to the fourth quarter, we told our players there will be a lot of close games in the Big 12, and whoever wins the quarter has a good chance to win the game."

On the slant pattern to Danielson
"Great throw, great protection, outstanding play. Those are the kind of plays you need to make if you want to turn a program around. Those are the kind of plays that need to be made when it is all out on the line."

On Carl Gomez
"Outstanding courage and focus. He said he wanted to play and told me, 'I will get it done.' Every kick he made, he said, 'Just get it close -- I will get it done.' Everyone knows that confidence is an important aspect in the kicking game."

On the kicking game
"I promise you, the first field goal Saturday, Carl will be taking the field based on his performance. We need Mike for kickoffs, and he has to be ready. But Carl came through for us tonight."

On Wagner
"Outstanding job. He really came through for us tonight. We have said all along that we had depth at running back, and we feel that we have four starters back there. Haywood practiced all week but felt that he couldn't play tonight, so we decided to start Wagner. He is a big-time running back and looked like it today."

On slipping away
"I felt disappointed when we were missing the field goals, but I didn't feel like we were slipping away."

Iowa State Kicker Carl Gomez

On Taking Over the Kicking Duties
"This is the best feeling in the whole world. I haven't kicked since high school, but you just have to go out and block everything out. I focused between kicks and felt like I was going to have a wonderful game."

"You have to go out and take it one kick at a time. If you go out and think about past kicks, you won't be successful."

On The Victory
"Right now, we are 5-1 and we have to take it one game at a time. Today, all the seniors and everybody put it all out there. We have been in so many of these in the last couple of years and lost. This is what we needed to boost our confidence."

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