Spring Game Finale Quotes

April 21, 2012

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Head Coach Mike Gundy

Opening statement

“Well, we made it through without getting anybody hurt, which is really good. We had guys who made quite a few plays. I didn’t realize we had 88 plays in the first half, so we went with a running clock. I was pleased with the way the defense ran to the ball and made some plays. I thought that each quarterback at times showed signs of being good enough to start next year and I thought I saw at times there were some deficiencies with each one of them. I thought the running backs ran well. There were some wide receivers, obviously Charlie Moore had a big day. Guys made plays. Overall, it was a good day for us. We had a great crowd. I appreciate everybody that came out. We had a great legends weekend. We had about 165 or so that were here and then more of them came in for the game so we were probably close to 200 on that number. We couldn’t have asked for a better day and I was glad that we were able to get through this and guys played hard. We’re looking forward to the offseason and getting rolling after that.”

On when he expects to name a starting quarterback

“I’m meeting with the offensive staff on Wednesday. It should be shortly after that when we feel like we’ll have our quarterback.”

On how they will make the selection

“I have an opinion on what I think is best. I mentioned to the offensive staff before prior to us starting that I didn’t want to sway them one way or the other. I want to know what they have to say and then make a comparison. We’d like to name a quarterback this upcoming this week. That way we can move forward and know who our leader is this summer. I think that’s best for our team.”

On Charlie Moore

“Charlie’s been around here for a while. Charlie’s made some plays for us. He missed some games last year because his hamstring would get tight some. Charlie is deceiving when it comes to speed. He’ll run 4.5 just about every time. He’s 205, 207 pounds. He was a high school quarterback out in east Texas and we moved him to receiver. He’s been in our program now for three years. In most cases, guys that have a chance to play at this level start to make that turn in about their third season. Charlie’s done a nice job for us and stayed healthy.”

On if Charlie Moore’s performance today means anything

“You bet it does. Even though it’s an orange and gray game and your teams are split and I’m blowing a whistle and it’s not a real game, there’s still competition out there. Players compete and the guys that really want t make plays, they don’t care what the situation is – they go out and play the game.  It means a lot to me, the players that make plays out here today because this is as close as we can get to a game setting. I wish we could find a way to let them all go full speed and do that, but we can’t the risk-reward in this situation.”

On the defense

“I wanted our linebackers and our defense to play as well as they did this spring. In my mind that was the question. They lived up to that. Watching them throughout the 14 practices and then today, they can run and get to the ball really fast. The game has moved in that direction in our opinion. You have to have speed to get to the ball fast to get those guys down because those other guys make a lot of plays. Everybody has fast guys that touch the ball now in these offenses. So I really feel like we’ve accomplished our goal we set three or four years ago of trying to get enough speed to run people down on defense. I think we’ll be so much faster this year than we’ve ever been.”

Offensive Coordinator Todd Monken

On the quarterback battle

“There is an eyeball test. You look at something and you have to be careful of rushing to judgment without watching the tape. There are a lot of beautiful girls out there with terrible personalities. We'll have to see once we see the tape.”

On Charlie Moore

“Charlie is a guy that has been here a couple years and has worked hard. The biggest thing with Charlie is can we keep him healthy? He's had soft tissue injuries, little things that have been nagging. He has good speed and good size. He works hard at his craft and he's going to continue to get better. I think he's had a really good spring and he's going to continue to build off that.”

On J.W. Walsh

“It was definitely his best performance. I thought J.W. started the spring really strong, the middle of spring he struggled for whatever reason and then I thought the last few days, including today, he played his best football.”

Defensive Coordinator Bill Young

On the spring finale

“We didn't take it quite as serious as we would a normal game, obviously. We wanted to make sure everybody got a snap and everybody played a little bit.”

On the defensive intensity

“It's the first time all spring that they've had a crowd to play in front of and it was kind of exciting for them and they wanted to perform well.”

On the defensive play

“I think they played really well. So much of it ties together. If you have good coverage the quarterback has to hold the ball longer and I think we got two or three coverage sacks today because we did have great coverage in our secondary and our linebackers. That's always a heck of a bonus.”

Quarterback J.W. Walsh

On Charlie Moore

"He's been quietly making plays all spring. We've known about him for a while and we knew he'd come out here and have the day he had today. We didn't expect three touchdowns, but we knew he was good."

On how the spring went for him

"I feel like the spring went really well for me. I started off strong, got into a little funk and then finished strong again. I feel like the way it went, I'm pleased with it and so we'll find out Wednesday when (the coaches name the starting quarterback)."

Wide Receiver Charlie Moore

On what he's improved on most since last spring

"Everything. Routes; I got moved from inside to outside receiver. Just buying into the coaches and working hard, that's the key to it."

On if the spring game was important for him to prove himself

"I think it was. I think it was important because we put a lot of points on the board and we showed everybody that we can still score at any time. That's the important thing to me."

On impressing wide receivers coach Kasey Dunn

"I'm glad I impressed Coach. You always want to do that on the field. I had a great time today."

Cornerback Brodrick Brown

On the defensive line

"The defensive line, we have some new guys down there. We moved some guys from nose (tackle) to (defensive) end. They're just doing the best they can to get some pressure on the quarterback."

On the confidence in the secondary

"That's what you want. You want the defensive line to get pressure, and in the back end: cover. If those two go together, nobody can throw on you or anything like that. We just want to get pressure on the quarterback and we'll do our job on the back end."

Quarterback Clint Chelf

On what he proved in the game

"Just that I'm a leader. We started off slow, and no one got down on themselves. We're a good offense and we can come back from that. We started making plays and guys were just playing well."

On the scoring drive at the end of the first half

"It was a two-minute drill; we knew we had to operate and make some plays. Going fast like that, it keeps the defense off balance, and that really helped us out and that really got us going."

Running Back Joseph Randle

On the offense in the spring game

"I wouldn't say we struggled. I would say we could move the ball a little more and stop the three-and-outs, but that's just how the spring game is. It's not that type of game where we can show you everything we've got. It's really for the fans. The (scrimmage) we had last Wednesday is the game that you could've seen more about our offense and how good I think we'll be."

On going up against the improved defense:

"Our defense is ready, our defense is ready. Obviously, you couldn't see it today...well, they did great today. You'll see during the season."

Linebacker Shaun Lewis

On how the defense helped the three quarterbacks improve

"We did a good job, as a defense, pushing each and every one of them in practice. All three of them made good plays this offseason, so the tough job is going to be this summer for each and every one of them. It's still up in the air, and I wish the best for all of them."

Safety Zack Craig

On how he performed during the game

"I felt like I came out and made a statement today. The safety spot is open, and it's a great showcase and a way to prove that I deserve that spot. That's what I tried to do today."

On improving during the spring

"You can never be perfect and you can never do enough. Each day I'm just trying to get better and trying to show the coaches that I'm trustworthy and I have the ability to play."

Center Evan Epstein

On the spring game

"We had fun today, it was good. Coach talks about how we want to make it fun, and I think we had a lot of fun today. We got to stretch our legs as an offense a little bit. We got to rotate the quarterbacks, which is good for them and good for us to get a feel for all of them. As an offense, I couldn't be any prouder. I thought we went down and drove the ball well. We still have a few hiccups as far as our assignments, but that just gets worked out with time. Like I said, I’m really proud to be on this offense."

On the offensive line

"I think we did great. Obviously, working with a new group of guys on all sides, there's obviously some stuff we have to work out. As a whole, I think we did great. We picked up most of our blocks. We mesh really well together and it's a pleasure to block with those guys."


















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