Cowboys in the NBA
The treasured history of basketball at Oklahoma State University is one of the richest amongst all major programs in college basketball today. Oklahoma State was the first school to claim back-to-back NCAA championships in the sport, and Mr. Henry P. Iba - the architect of those championships - is arguably the most influential coach in the history of the game. With two national championships, six Final Four appearances and one of the game's grandest old cathedrals, Cowboy Basketball is steeped in tradition.
Cowboys in the NBA: All-Time
Atlanta Hawks | Official Site
Pete Darcey (Milwaukee Hawks 1953)
Bob Mattick [1954 Draft: Hawks – 2nd Rd, 11th Overall]
Boston Celtics | Official Site
Cecil Hankins (1948)
Jack Shelton [1950 Draft: Celtics – 5th Rd]
Bob Harris (1951-54)
Don Johnson [1952 Draft: Celtics – 5th Rd]
Tony Allen [2004 Draft: Celtics – 1st Rd, 25th Overall]
Tony Allen (2004-2010)
Charlotte Bobcats | Official Site
Stephen Graham (2009-2010)
Chicago Bulls | Official Site
Mark Tucker [1978 Draft: Bulls – 10th Rd, 191st, Overall]
Byron Houston [1992 Draft: Bulls – 1st Rd, 27th Overall]
Corey Williams [1992 Draft: Bulls – 2nd Rd, 33rd Overall]
Corey Williams (1993)
John Starks (2000)
Stephen Graham (2006)
JamesOn Curry [2007 Draft: Bulls – 2nd Rd, 51st Overall]
JamesOn Curry (2007-08)
Cleveland Cavaliers | Official Site
Stephen Graham (2006)
Joey Graham (2010-Present)
Dallas Mavericks | Official Site
No players for this franchise
Denver Nuggets | Official Site
Brooks Thompson (1997)
Ivan McFarlin (2006)
Joey Graham (2009-2010)
Detroit Pistons | Official Site
Bob Harris [1949 Draft: Pistons – 1st Rd, 3rd Overall]
Bob Harris (Fort Wayne Pistons 1950-51)
James King [1965 Draft: Pistons – 4th Rd, 32nd Overall]
Golden State Warriors | Official Site
John Starks (1989)
Byron Houston (1993-94)
John Starks (1999-2000)
Houston Rockets | Official Site
Kevin Fitzgerald [1974 Draft: Rockets – 7th Rd, 113th Overall]
Stephen Graham (2005)
John Lucas III (2005-07)
Indiana Pacers | Official Site
Leroy Combs [1983 Draft: Pacers – 2nd Rd, 26th Overall]
Leroy Combs (1984)
Stephen Graham (2007-2009)
Los Angeles Clippers | Official Site
Ed Odom [1980 Draft: Clippers – 4th Rd, 76th Overall]
Maurice Baker (2005)
JamesOn Curry (2010)
Los Angeles Lakers | Official Site
Gale McArthur [1951 Draft: Lakers – 3rd Rd, 40th Overall]
Joe Smith [1969 Draft: Lakers – 8th Rd, 111th Overall]
David Monds (2009)
Memphis Grizzlies | Official Site
Bryant Reeves [1995 Draft: Grizzlies – 1st Rd, 6th Overall]
Bryant Reeves (Vancouver Grizzlies 1996-2001)
Bryant Reeves (2001-02)
Tony Allen (2010-Present)
Miami Heat | Official Site
John Lucas III (2009)
Milwaukee Bucks | Official Site
Desmond Mason (2003-05)
Desmond Mason (2007-08)
Minnesota Timberwolves | Official Site
Corey Williams (1994)
New Jersey Nets | Official Site
Stephen Graham (2010-Present)
New Orleans Hornets | Official Site
Desmond Mason (New Orleans-Oklahoma City Hornets 2005-07)
New York Knicks | Official Site
John Starks (1991-98)
Brooks Thompson (1998)
Oklahoma City Thunder | Official Site
Byron Houston (Seattle SuperSonics 1995)
Desmond Mason [2000 Draft: SuperSonics – 1st Rd, 17th Overall]
Desmond Mason (Seattle SuperSonics 2001-03)
John Lucas III (2008)
Desmond Mason (2008-2009)
Orlando Magic | Official Site
Brooks Thompson [1994 Draft: Orlando Magic – 1st Rd, 27th Overall]
Brooks Thompson (1995-96)
Philadelphia 76ers | Official Site
Thomas Jordan (1993)
Richard Dumas (1996)
Ivan McFarlin (2006)
Phoenix Suns | Official Site
Ray Crenshaw [1984 Draft: Suns – 7th Rd, 151st Overall]
Richard Dumas [1991 Draft: Suns – 2nd Rd, 46th Overall]
Richard Dumas (1993)
Richard Dumas (1995)
Brooks Thompson (1998)
Portland Trail Blazers | Official Site
Joe Atkinson [1985 Draft: Trail Blazers – 4th Rd, 85th Overall]
Maurice Baker (2005)
Stephen Graham (2006)
Sacramento Kings | Official Site
Kendall Sheets [1953 Draft: Royals – 7th Rd]
Clayton Carter [1956 Draft: Royals – 1st Rd]
Mel Wright [1957 Draft: Royals – 10th Rd, 62nd Overall]
Jerry Clack [1972 Draft: Royals – 8th Rd, 119th Overall]
Lorenza Andrews [1983 Draft: Kings – 5th Rd, 106th Overall]
Byron Houston (1996)
Desmond Mason (2009)
San Antonio Spurs | Official Site
Melvin Sanders (2005-06)
James Anderson [2010 Draft: Spurs - 1st Rd, 20th Overall]
James Anderson (2010-Present)
Toronto Raptors | Official Site
Joey Graham [2005 Draft: Raptors – 1st Rd, 16th Overall]
Joey Graham (2005-2009)
Utah Jazz | Official Site
Matt Clark [1983 Draft: Jazz – 5th Rd, 100th Overall]
Brooks Thompson (1997)
John Starks (2001-02)
Washington Wizards | Official Site
Don Youman [1980 Draft: Bullets – 10th Rd, 207th Overall]
Chicago Stags (Folded 1950)
Doyle Parrack (1947)
Joe Bradley (1950)
Indianapolis Olympians (Folded 1953)
J.L. Parks [1949 Draft: Olympians – 8th Rd]
Providence Steamrollers (Folded 1949)
A.L. Bennett [1948 Draft: Steamrollers]
St. Louis Bombers (Folded 1950)
Bob Kurland [1947 Draft: Bombers]
Cecil Hankins (1947)
Lonnie Eggleston (1949)
Cowboy Basketball History
National Championships
Final Four Appearances
Cowboys in the NBA
Postseason History
Currently in the NBA
Tony Allen
Memphis Grizzlies
James Anderson
San Antonio Spurs
Joey Graham
Cleveland Cavaliers
Stephen Graham
New Jersey Nets

James Anderson announced his decision to go pro after his junior season in 2010. He was drafted by the San Antonio Spurs with the 20th-overall pick.

Former Cowboy Desmond Mason quickly became a fan favorite in Seattle with his thunderous dunks. Mason won the 2001 NBA Slam Dunk Competition during his time with the Sonics.

After helping the Cowboys make appearances at the Final Four and Sweet 16, Joey Graham was drafted by the Toronto Raptors with the 16th pick of the 2005 NBA Draft.

Bryant Reeves came to Stillwater as a project from tiny Gans, Okla., near the Arkansas border. He left Stillwater for the mountains of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, a self-made millionaire.

Tony Allen was an integral part of OSU's 2004 Final Four team. In the NBA, he helped Boston capture the 2008 World Championship, as the Celtics defeated the Los Angeles Lakers in six games.

Three-time All-American Bob Kurland was one of the first Oklahoma A&M players to be selected in the NBA Draft. Kurland was drafted by the St. Louis Bombers in the 1947 Draft.


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