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Nov. 15, 2013

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Postgame Quotes
Oklahoma State vs Arkansas-Pine Bluff
Friday, Nov. 15, 2013

OSU Head Coach Travis Ford
On the run in the second half that allowed OSU to pull away
"We did not come out the way I was hoping we would come out in the second half. The first couple of minutes weren't very good. We went on a spurt that spread it out a little bit. We gained total momentum, and it started with defense and passing. I tell our guys that I love seeing defense and I love when we're passing the basketball. When we're doing those things, then we're a pretty good basketball team. That's what got us going, That was an incredible run we made there right in the middle of the second half."
On what from the first half improved in the second half
"I didn't think that we were making very good decisions in the first half. I thought that we were being a little passive. I thought we were making some bad decisions. I thought we were taking some bad shots inside the middle of the paint, off-balance shots and shots on one leg. Yes, you want to get the ball inside of the zone, but once you get it in there, you have to make a decision whether it be a shot or a pass. I thought that we did a better job in the second half of finding people from inside-to-out much better than we did in the first half."
On guard Phil Forte
"He's shooting the ball well, and I think he would be the first to tell you he's getting some great passes from some guys. We got 17 assists tonight which is right at the goal we want to have. He's knocking down some good shots. He's using his shot fake very well. He does stretch the defense. With the other team playing 40 minutes of zone, we were hoping he would make a few shots tonight."
On the upcoming game against Memphis
"We didn't have great numbers tonight, as far as defensive numbers. We had a nice win. We scored 97 points, had a few assists and made some shots, but we didn't play great. Hopefully, we can play better next game. Memphis is one of the most talented teams in the country. They're a very deep, athletic team, and a lot of people say they may have the best backcourt in the country, and they very well might. We'll see. They're very good. They've got veteran players. They've got many seniors on their team. This is a really good Memphis team. This is a really good early test for both of our teams. There have been so many good early games in the country. I think you can add this one to the list. This will be two good basketball teams going against each other, so it should be a good one. Hopefully we'll have a great crowd here. This place will be rocking and rolling. Hopefully there will be a little better of a crowd here than we've had and we'll get this place packed."
"These are two good teams. There's going to be a lot of future NBA talent on the court on both sides. There are some good matchups in this game, but it's going to be a good early challenge for both teams. I like it. You get to see the things you need to work on and where you're at against a really good, talented, well-coached team. Josh Pastner, the head coach of Memphis, is a really good, young coach. You don't get a lot of non-conference teams coming in here like Memphis."
OSU senior guard Markel Brown
On when Marcus Smart got pushed down
“We have a lot of brotherhood in this locker room and when something like that happens, we’re going to guard and protect our brothers. It shows us how physical things are going to be when the Memphis game gets here. It’s obvious that they have a great team over there and they’re very physical. Hopefully, tonight prepared us for it.”

On Memphis
“This is what we have been waiting for. It’s a big game. Hopefully, we can get a packed house. It’s here now, so we’re going to prepare for them like we’ve prepared for the last three teams we’ve played. It should be a fun one.”

On waiting for the Memphis game
“It’s hard to ignore. You see Memphis on the schedule and knowing that they’re one of the top teams in the country and we’re playing them at home is hard to ignore. We have to set it aside and focus on the other teams that come in and I think Coach (Ford) did a good job putting the schedule together. We played three very decent teams that prepared us for this Memphis game.”

OSU sophomore guard Phil Forte
On his performance from the three-point line
“I say this all the time and can’t say it enough. These guys look for me so much in transition or whenever we’re running a play, and it’s kind of cool. I’ll hit a three and I’ll see Markel jumping up and down. When Markel hits a three, I go crazy. That’s just what it’s about. I think that says a lot about this team. We get more excited when someone else is scoring or when someone else has it going. I think that’s special. I think that’s hard to find in today’s society with all these teams today. That’s the neat part about it.”

On his alley-oop assist to Markel Brown
“Coach actually drew up the play. He told me I was going to throw it and I was happy because that gives me a chance to be on (ESPN SportCenter's) Top 10 tonight. I think it’s a shock if Markel is not on Top 10 at the end of the night.”

On Memphis
“This is something where we come out with the schedule and this is the game that everybody sees, us included. Arkansas-Pine Bluff was a game that we had to get past before it, and now that Memphis is next, all of our attention and focus goes to them.”



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