Note: Please call the Administration office for business matters only. Questions, Comments, or Solicitations for OSU Athletics should call the main athletics line at 405-744-7714.
Atkins, Joel Associate AD/SWA (405) 744-7069
Bahl, Chris Associate AD / Customer Service & Sales (405) 744-3232
Craft, Dennicia Assistant Director of Athletic Operations (405) 744-7263
Fite, Kevin Senior Associate AD / Compliance. (405) 744-7862
Holder, Mike Director of Athletics (405) 744-7263
Karns, Monty Senior Associate AD / Facilities & Capital Projects
Klintworth, Kevin Senior Associate AD / Communications
Lewis, Jason Executive Senior Associate AD/Business & Finance (405) 744-7132
Martin, Dave Deputy AD (405) 744-5855
Martin, Jesse Senior Associate AD / External Affairs (405) 744-3322
Middlebrook, Marilyn Associate AD / Academic Affairs
Reece, Larry Senior Associate AD / Development (405) 744-2824
Sargent, Marty Senior Associate AD / Gameday Ops (405) 744-7246
Academic Services for Student-Athletes (website) (405)744-5762
Adams, Agatha Assistant Director
Cook, Jeremy Academic Facilitator
Cook, Jonene Learning Specialist
Good, Alan Assistant Director
Henley, Terry Sr. Academic Counselor
Jones, Nikki Learning Specialist
Kennedy, Shayla Administrative Support Specialist
Knecht, James Learning Center Coordinator
Middlebrook, Marilyn Associate AD/Academic Affairs
Merriweather, Terry Administrative Assistant
Noteware, Mike Learning Center Coordinator
Randolph, Amy Learning Specialist
Tatroult, Kyle Writing Center Director
Verner, Charles E II Academic Counselor
Campus Administration
Hargis, Burns President (405) 744-6384
Clark, Gary Vice President & General Counsel (405) 744-6384
Hamilton, Dr. Meridith Faculty Representative
Wray, Kyle Vice President-Enrollment Management and Marketing (405)744-9082
Business Office (405)744-7020
Atkins, Joel Associate AD/SWA (405)744-7069
Harris, Laurilyn Travel Coordinator (405)744-2939
Lewis, Jason Executive Senior Associate AD/Business & Finance (405)744-7132
Marr, Keri HR Specialist (405)744-7057
Tucker, Scott Associate AD, Cowboy Athletics, Inc. (405)744-2788
Wilhelm, Michelle Assistant Business Manager (405)744-4756
Sabins, Tabitha Purchasing Coordinator (405) 744-7088
Athletic Compliance (405)744-7862
Fite, Kevin Senior Associate AD / Compliance. (405)744-7862
Dyson, Ben Assistant AD / Compliance (405)744-8166
Flatt, Cheryl Coordinator of Athletic Scholarships (405)744-8420
Latsey, Sharlene Compliance Assistant (405) 744-7862
Lien, Matt Compliance Coordinator (405) 744-4973
Troester, Lance Assistant AD / Compliance (405)744-7259
Udwadia, Jennifer Eligibility Coordinator (405) 744-0500
Computer & Technical Support (405)744-2133
Atkinson, Ian Computing Technician
Sage, Paul Computing Specialist
Irby, Shelton Computing Specialist
For website support, see Communications
Cowboy Sports Properties (Learfield)(website) (405)744-3480
Butler, Jacque Sponsorship Coordinator
Young, Steve Account Executive
Oliver, Mike Account Executive
Racy, Kip General Manager
Weston, Jared Account Executive
Athletic Development (405)744-3002
Grantham, Matt Director, Major Gifts (405) 744-5938
Reece, Larry Senior Associate AD / Development (405) 744-2824
Taylor, Shawn Project Manager (405) 744-3002
Athletic Equipment (405)744-6781
Davis, Matt Director of Football Equipment Operations (405) 744-6037
Edwards, Wes Director of Equipment Operations (405) 744-6781
Magby, Len Assistant Equipment Manager (405) 744-3401
Williams, Justin Football Equipment Manager (405) 744-7629
Facilities/Maintenance (405)744-5741
Balistrieri, Nicholas Assistant Field Superintendent (405) 744-7306
Carter, Tyler Assistant Field Superintendent (405) 744-7306
Cobb, Tony Assistant Director / Facilities (405) 332-3704
Houck, John Manager, Cowboy Athletic Facilities (405) 780-0004
Karns, Monty Senior Associate AD / Facilities & Capital Projects
Langstaff, Mitch Assistant Field Superintendent (405) 744-7306
McCarthy, Debbie Special Events Coordinator (405) 744-3188
Murillo, Gio Assistant Field Superintendent (405) 744-7306
Pour, James Assistant Field Superintendent (405) 744-7306
Rains, Shan Associate AD / Facilities Operations (405) 744-3012
Rogers, Ivan Electrician (405) 744-5753
Spence, Dale Electrician (405) 744-5753
Tanner, John Engineering Technician (405) 744-5753
Tivis, Jerri Beth Facilities Coordinator (405) 744-5741
Tribble, Todd Field Superintendent (405) 744-7306
Tvrdik, Josh Assistant Field Superintendent (405) 744-7306
Heritage Hall (405)744-3864
Parke, Shelly Display Coordinator
Sales & Marketing
Bahl, Chris Associate AD / Customer Service & Sales (405) 744-3232
Vickers, Erika Director of Ticket Sales (405) 744-9199
Kelley, Emma Manager of Ticket Sales and Customer Service (405) 744-9197
Hovarter, Emma Retention Representative (405) 744-4982
Diltz, Kelsey Retention Representative kdiltz@okstate.eduu (405) 744-2034
Woodruff, Clark Retention Representative (405) 744-4871
Scott, Tia Assistant AD / Promotions (405)744-8579
Fletcher, Matt

Fan Development Coordinator âÂ" Stillwater / Game Day Host (405) 744-6300
Maun, Alex Director for Marketing âÂ" Tulsa / Director of Community Relations (405) 744-3159
Vogt, Andrea Director of Marketing âÂ" Oklahoma City (405) 744-7030
Wilson, Kelsey Marketing Coordinator âÂ" Emerging Markets (405) 744-8539
Box, Billy Bob Representative (405) 744-4951
Dudley, Courtney Representative (405) 744-2074
McKnight, Ben Representative (405) 744-4872
Gripe, Kayla Representative (405) 744-4916
Hunter, Brittani Representative (405) 744-2096
Iams, Kendall Representative (405) 744-2057
Vogt, David Representative (405) 744-2163
Plumbtree, Cody Representative (405) 744-4915
Shentwu, Kylie Representative

(405) 744-4913
Douglas, Matthew Representative (405) 744-5214
Drum, Meagan Representative (405) 744-5248
Sexton, Taylor Representative (405) 744-4776
Communications (website) (405)744-7714
Bartlett, Greg Director of Digital Media (405) 744-8669
Billman, Clay Publications Coordinator (405)744-5832
Cameron, Ryan Assistant Director
Cantrell, RoxAnne Administrative Assistant
Deal, Chris Digital Media - Cowboy Football (405) 744-3652
Howard, Stephen Associate Director
Lang, Gavin Assistant AD / Media Relations
Maguire, Sean Assistant Director (405) 744-6963
McWhorter, Wade Assistant Director
Smith, Jordan Web Designer
Waterfield, Bruce Coordinator - Photo Services (405) 744-1706
For questions, comments, customer service related to your audio/video subscription, or website troubleshooting, contact CBS customer service.
Photography (website) (405)744-1706
Waterfield, Bruce Coordinator - Photo Services (405) 744-1706
POSSE (website) (405)744-7301
Ayres, Ellen Assistant AD/Annual Giving (405) 744-7320
Boese, Stephanie Development Assistant / Gift Processing (405) 744-3595
Henry, Karyl Premium Services Director (405) 744-3583
Nelson, Joe Events Coord./Game Day Parking Mgr. (405) 744-4955
Spirit Groups (website) (405)744-8039
Jackson, Beki Pom Coach
Salliotte, Lindsay Cheer Coach
Strength & Conditioning
Baldwin, Tracy Strength & Conditioning Assistant (405) 744-4448
Calcagno, Gary Strength & Conditioning Assistant (405) 744-7831
Fowlkes, Mallory Strength & Conditioning Assistant (405) 744-6488
Glass, Rob Assistant AD / Strength & Conditioning (405) 744-3805
Hibbert, Anthony Strength & Conditioning Assistant (405) 744-3805
Hoheisel, Nick Strength & Conditioning Assistant (405) 744-6881
Manzelmann, Jake Strength & Conditioning Assistant (405) 744-6360
Smith,Mark Strength & Conditioning Assistant (405) 744-3805
Athletic Ticket Office (website) (877) 255-4678
Bauman, Craig Associate AD / Ticket Manager
Brophy, Natasha Ticket Office Representative
Lewis, Skylar Ticket Office Representative
Maphet, Hayley Ticket Office Representative
Ryan, Erin Senior Accountant
Sparks, Derek Ticket Office Representative
Sumrall, Andy Associate Ticket Manager
Trademark & Licensing (405)744-6238
Mason, Kurtis Director of Trademarks & Licensing (405) 744-6238
Athletic Training/Sports Medicine (405)744-6465
Blaske, Kevin Assistant Athletic Trainer - Cowboy Football (405) 744-2112
Cates, Jessica Assistant Athletic Trainer - Cowgirl Basketball (405) 744-6513
Chappell, Georgia Medical Insurance Coordinator/Admin. Asst. (405) 744-5430
Gerlt, Todd Associate Director of Athletic Training - Cowgirl Soccer (405) 744-7416
Grantham, Jeannine Administrative Assistant (405) 744-5761
Hinderliter, Chris Assistant Athletic Trainer - Cowboy Wrestling (405) 744-1340
Iven, Dr. Val Gene Head Team Physician (405) 744-6853
Jones, Sean Assistant Athletic Trainer - M/W Cross Country, Track & Field (405) 744-5713
Parker, Scott Assistant Athletic Trainer - Football (405) 744-5837
Pascale, Dr. Mark Team Orthopedist
Stemm, John Director of Athletic Training (405) 744-3294
Williams, Eli Assistant Athletic Trainer - Cowboy Baseball (405) 744-5713
TBA Assistant Athletic Trainer
Orange Power Studios
Davis, Jeremy Producer/Director (405) 744-8091
Lickert, C.J. Executive Producer (405) 744-7077
Tewell, Graham TV Producer (405) 239-4133
For video requests, contact
Baseball (405)744-5849
Holliday, Josh Head Coach
Walton, Rob Associate Head Coach-Pitching
Ginther, Mark Player Development Coordinator
Jones, Kelsi Director of Operations 405-744-7141
Sabins, Steve Volunteer Assistant Coach
Men's Basketball (405)744-5845
Biggs, Joey Assistant AD/Basketball
Dickey, James Assistant Coach
Draper, Mary Lee Administrative Assistant
Ferguson, Chris Assistant Coach
Ford, Travis Head Coach
Pierre, Butch Associate Head Coach
Wade, Tommy Director of Student-Athlete Development
Lucas, Brian Video Coordinator
Women's Basketball (405)744-2490
Annan, Bill Associate Head Coach
Carter, Amber Director of Operations
Easley, Jack Director of Player Development
Littell, Jim Head Coach
Parr, Jeff Video Coordinator
Gage, Shannon Assistant Coach
Equestrian (405)372-1819
Turner, Kirk Herd Supervisor
Hrencher, Kayla Assistant Coach
Sanchez, Larry Head Coach
Sanderson, David Director of Operations
Sanderson, Stacy Assistant Coach
Football (405)744-5737
Adkins, Greg Offensive Line
Arroyo, Marcus Running Backs
Barr, Johnny Director of On-Campus Recruiting
Butler, Mack Director of Operations
Clary, Danielle Administrative Assistant
Clements, Joe Bob Defensive Line
Curtis, Sharla Administrative Assistant / Recruiting
Discher, Robby Offensive Graduate Assistant / Special Teams Coordinator
Douglass, Megan Defensive Admin. Assistant
Duffie, Tim Corners
Dunn, Kasey Receivers
Gundy, Mike Head Coach
Groce, Mike Assistant Director Of On-Campus Recruiting
Hammerschmidt, Dan Safeties
Henderson, Eric Defensive Quality Control
Hurd, Eric Operations / FB Admin & Intern / Quality Control
Johnson, Rod Assistant Director of Football Operations
Martin, Markelle Offensive Admin. Assistant
McEndoo, Jason Tight Ends / Cowboy Backs
Moala, Tolu Defensive Graduate Assistant
Naple, Jeff Video Coordinator
Ramsey, Zack Assistant Video Coordinator
Rebstock, Remington Defensive Graduate Assistant
Reeder, Bodie Offensive Quality Control
Spencer, Glenn Defensive Coordinator / Linebackers
Tatten, Mike Offensive Graduate Assistant
Tonga, Beni Player Development Specialist
Yurcich, Mike Offensive Coordinator / Quarterbacks
Golf (405)743-3530
Bratton, Alan Head Coach (M) (405) 269-6293
Guetz, Brian Assistant Coach (M) (480) 518-3973
Jones, Courtney Head Coach (W) (913) 220-3302
Nilsson, Par Assistant Coach (W) (405) 612-7616
Soccer (405)744-8765
Carmichael, Colin Head Coach
Hancock, Karen Assistant Coach
Elkington, Justin Associate Head Coach
Robinson, Debbie Administrative Assistant
Softball (405)744-4655
Gajewski, Kenny Head Coach TBA (405)744-4655
Lowrie, Kaylan Director of Operations (405)744-4655
Tennis (405)744-7529(M)
Feldman, Nate Assistant Coach (M)
Steinbock, Courtney Assistant Coach (W)
Udwadia, Jay Head Coach (M)
Young, Chris Director of Tennis, Head Coach, Women's Tennis
Men's and Women's Track & Field / Cross Country (405)744-8765
Baumann, John Assistant Coach
Cathey, Mason Assistant Coach
Flaquer, Diego Assistant Coach
Lockhart, Bobby Assistant Coach
McCabe, Sean Director of Operations
Mixon, Teran Graduate Assistant
Robinson, Debbie Administrative Assistant
Smith, Dave Director of Track & Field / Cross Country
Zebarauskaite, Zivile Assistant Coach
Wrestling (405)744-4541
Esposito, Brandy Administrative Assistant
Esposite, Zach Assistant Coach
Guerrero, Eric Assistant Coach
Smith, John Head Coach
Athletics Main Number 405-744-7714
Ticket Office 877-ALL-4-OSU
POSSE Office 877-2B-POSSE
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Academic Services
Business Office
Computer Support
Cowboy Sports Properties
Heritage Hall
Internet Services
Ticket Sales / Customer Service
Spirit Groups
Strength & Conditioning
Ticket Office
Trademark & Licensing
Men's Basketball
Women's Basketball
Track & Field
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