Camp Cowboy

Men’s Basketball Admissions Procedure

In order to more extensively regulate admissions into men’s home basketball games, so as to provide a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for both those students wishing to watch the game, and the athletic department, who has to work in close vicinity to students camping out to enter games.

Registration Procedures Camping Out:
Students will be allowed to begin camper registration prior to all Men’s Basketball conference games. The dates and times are listed below; additionally this information will be posted both online and in the O’Colly.  

Texas Tech Game
Tuesday Jan. 8th 5-6pm
Wednesday 9th 5-6pm
Thursday 10th 5-6pm
Friday 11th 10pm-12am

Texas Game
Thursday Jan. 17th 5-6pm
Friday 18th 5-6pm
Saturday 19th 5-6pm
Sunday 20th 10pm-12am

Texas A&M Game
Tuesday Jan. 22nd 5-6pm
Wednesday 23rd 5-6pm
Thursday 24th 5-6pm
Friday 25th 10pm-12am

Colorado Game
Saturday Feb. 2nd 5-6pm
Sunday 3rd 5-6pm
Monday 4th 5-6pm
Tuesday 5th 10pm-12am

Baylor Game
Saturday Feb. 9th 5-6pm
Sunday 10th 5-6pm
Monday 11th 5-6pm
Tuesday 12th 10pm-12am

Kansas Game
Tuesday Feb. 19th 5-6pm
Wednesday 20th 5-6pm
Thursday 21st 5-6pm
Friday 22nd 10pm-12am

Nebraska Game
Tuesday Feb. 26th 5-6pm
Wednesday 27th 5-6pm
Thursday 28th 5-6pm
Friday 29th 10pm-12am

Oklahoma Game
Saturday March 1st 5-6pm
Sunday 2nd 5-6pm
Monday 3rd 5-6pm
Tuesday 4th 10pm-12am

  • If students are unable to register at these times, they must wait until the next available registration period. Tents showing up after the registration times have ended will be subject to regular student admissions.
  • The registration periods will be made known to students as well as a copy of all admissions and camping procedures prior to registration time. Students will register a “tent” (tent being defined as a group of ten students) upon entrance to the camping grounds. In order to register, each of the ten students in the tent must have their name and student ID number with the tent leader. The tent leader will then register the tent with each of the 10 students’ names and student ID numbers. At this time, the tent leader will be responsible for choosing either North or South side entry. The tent leader will then receive a tent number, explaining their place in line for entry to the arena. The tent will be placed in the designated space for that tent number and must have tent number and tent list containing names and ID numbers prominently displayed on the outside of their tent for the duration of the camp-out.
  • At the start of the admissions time, all groups that have been present before the designated start time (either 5pm or 10pm) will have their tent leaders named put into a hat and the names shall be drawn by an Athletic Alliance member to ensure fairness to designate the order of those groups.  
  • Students will then be allowed to go to any part of the designated camping area, on the south side of Boone Pickens Stadium and will be allowed to leave the camp site as long as there is a representative from their tent present with their student ID at all times.  A contact list of the campers within each tent should be posted outside of the specific tent in order to help enable communication. This procedure will remain the same for all eligible registration times.



Officiating Camping:  

  • There will be two students serving as Camp Directors: Evan Schwenk and Ben Jones. They will act as liaison to the Athletic Department regarding any conflicts or discrepancies, and are given full authority to enforce rules, and to remove any person or tent from the list at any time. 
  • Registration, tent-checks, trash disposal, and other general concerns will be handled by camp representatives. These people will be drawn mainly from Student Government Athletic Alliance committee. There will be periodic tent checks, meaning there will be a representative going around to tents to ensure that one person from each tent is present with their student ID. Any special circumstances arising that may prevent a representative from the tent from being present must be discussed with a Camp Director prior to all ten members of the tent leaving. If no camper is found at their tent location, officials will continue to ask for campers when checking all surrounding tent areas, so as to allow campers to wander the entire campground. If a representative for a specific tent is not found after one tent check and contact with the tent leader is attempted (via telephone), the tent will then be removed from the list, and campers will be forced to register again at the bottom of the list. This policy is in place to prevent students from setting up a physical tent with no intentions to actually wait in line for game admissions.
  • Any representative found in violation of camping policy, student government policy, or athletic department policy will be relieved from their duties. Camp regulators will not receive any special treatment for their help, but may be registered as a member of a tent. Any time they are serving as a camp regulator will make them eligible to be their on-site representative for that time. (This means that while they are working as a camp regulator, another representative from their tent is not required to be present).

Campground Rules and Regulations:
While camping out, one student per tent must be present with their student ID. The tent number and tent member list must be prominently displayed at all times. There will be several other rules in place, including but not limited to the following.

  1. OSU Athletics has the right to revoke any privileges at any.
  1. Alcohol: There will be no alcohol permitted on the camp grounds. Those campers caught with alcohol will be removed from their tent and not allowed to camp for the remainder of the camping period for the upcoming game. Permission to camp at the next game will be up to the discretion of the athletic department.
  1. Grills: There will be no open flames of any kind permitted on the grounds. This means that no barrel fires or bar-be-que grills will be permitted. However, propane grills are allowed in the camp area (not in tents), but if this become an issue the athletic department can prohibit it for any future camp out.
  1. Power: No power is to be pulled from within Boone Pickens Stadium.  Also electric blankets, electric heaters, and space heaters will not be permitted in Camp Sutton.  All electric power used must have the cords taped down to the ground in order to keep a safe environment. 
  1. Smoking: Smoking is prohibited within any camping areas because of the fire hazard and trash issues. By state law, smoking is prohibited 25 feet from any public building and the campsite is within 25 feet of the stadium.
  1. Littering: Littering wil not be tolerated. There will be designated trash receptacles interspersed around the camp grounds. Campers will be given trash bags upon registering, and they will be responsible for using the bags provided, and for placing those bags in dumpsters located around the arena. All trash must be removed and placed in either a bag or in a trash receptacle before the game begins, and they will not be permitted to enter the arena until the area has been checked for cleanliness. If additional bags are needed, please contact an athletic alliance member.
  1. Restrooms: There will be designated restroom areas on the camp grounds, in the form of Porta-Johns. These must be used at all times, and anyone found using the restroom on property not designated for a restroom will face the same punishment as those students found with alcohol. This includes no use of the outdoors as a restroom, and no using the restroom in “containers” which could be included in the trash collection. No students will be permitted to enter the arena in order to use the restrooms unless it is during normal business hours, and they use the arena for restroom purposes only.

Admissions Procedures:

  • Students must be present with their student ID’s , game tickets, and their tent areas cleaned and approved 3 hours before the doors open. Any student unable to be there at this time due to class, or another excuse must speak with the Camp Directors at the time of registration or as soon as possible after. If a student is not there 3 hours before the doors open, and has not spoken with camp directors, they will be removed from the list and subject to regular student admissions. Campers whose tent areas are not cleaned and trash not picked up will be subject to the regular student admissions also.
  • Students are allowed to leave all camping gear, but must have a clean area around their tent. This includes proper removal of all trash. 3.5 hours before the arena doors open, officials will walk around to ensure that each tent has done this correctly before allowing them to join the line for actual game admissions. Then, 2.5 hours before tip off, students will line up in numerical order on the east side of Gallagher Iba Arena. Students’ placement within the tent number order is at their discretion. At an undisclosed time, before doors will open to the general public, campers will be allowed entry one tent at a time.
  • There will be two lines, one for North side entry and one for South side entry, as indicated at registration. This will be done spacing the tents out to allow for one tent to have a reasonable amount of entry time before the next tent enters, so as to prevent running in the arena, or any other chaotic behaviors. This will allow for entry based on time camping out, seeing that the first tent enters first and gets to choose any student section seats they wish. This will also maintain order during this time, and we will continue to allow tents in one by one until all tents have entered the arena prior to general or additional student entry times. Students will enter the arena through doors designated for early entry by student campers only, so as to prevent confusion and cutting in line from those students who did not camp out.
  • In order to expedite the admissions process, students are encouraged to not bring bags into the arena, as all bags must be checked at the door. Any bag checking may delay entry into the arena. There will be no saving of seats upon entering the arena. Following the game, students can continue to camp in the designated camp areas, but this does not entitle them to early registration. Tent registration will be available at the next designated time and date.

Athletic Facilities 405-744-3188
Debbie McCarthy 

Camp Directors 405-744-6500
Evan Schwenk-Athletic Alliance Director 

Ben Jones-Athletic Alliance

Athletic Alliance Committee
Evan Schwenk
Ben Jones
Lauren Williams
Scott Baum
Cody Brandt
Brandy Morris
Leah Roper
Katy Hallam
Ryan Nelson
Garrett Diel
Michelle Hotte
Clay Merritt
Rob Wittrock

Remember, you are a representative of the university when at Camp Sutton.  Be respectful!  OSU fans are respectful, respected and classy.  Let’s keep it that way.